Wreaths In The Christmas Tree? Yes!

Every year, our fabulous designers come up with something new – and always wonderful – for the Christmas tree!  This year, in a 9′ pencil slim tree, they put an amazing collection of vignettes, including Santa, forest creatures, and even a couple of nutcrackers, in a most creative way – attached within wreaths hung on the tree.  How do they dream up these ideas?

In the first example, two wreaths were wired back-to-back, and a two-piece set of Santa with a gift wagon was taken apart and placed on each side, along with some additional trees.  The effect simulates the idea of a snow globe.

Santa with gift wagon set, table top Christmas decoration, item 261510

Santa figure placed in wreath with mini trees, hung in Christmas tree.

Gift wagon set in a wreath, hung on the Christmas tree

A big red bow on top, snow-covered stems and branches, and plenty of lights woven throughout complete the spectacular display in the Christmas tree.  Here are some of the other vignettes and lights positioned in the tree – and as I said, it’s a 9′ pencil slim tree – you can do a lot in a skinny tree.

Bear, red mini oil lantern, and Christmas tree mounted in a wreath hung in the Christmas tree.

Second view of a bear figurine, mini Christmas tree, and mini red oil lantern set within a wreath placed on a Christmas tree.

Figurine of a deer and other woodland creatures with two white bottle brush trees set in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

A pair of snowmen set in a small wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

A 10" gold lighted mercury glass globe, glowing on a Christmas tree, with ribbons and red berry stems.

Nutcracker, Claire, and a mini tree set in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

Nutcracker and Claire on the Christmas tree.

10" Red lighted mercury glass globe on a Christmas tree.

Store Elf posing beside the treeHey!  It’s an elf photo bomb!  Way to go, Elf!

Santa figurine, mini tree, and mini Santa ornament in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

Santa, reindeer, mini train, and mini trees set on a wreath, hung in a Christmas tree.

Now that we’ve shown you our inspiration pieces, we know you can do it, too!  Talk to a designer when you come, they’ll tell you all the things you’ll need to create your own Christmas tree vignettes.

~Janet @ Incredible Christmas Place

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Friday Floral Frenzy!

We want to showcase more of our design work in floral arrangements.  We aren’t able to offer it online very often because so many pieces are one-of-a-kind, but the team is doing such beautiful work, I can’t help showing off a few pieces!

They have an incredible variety of interesting items to work with, of course, including a ribbon closet that just sets the heart aflutter.  Here are a few of my favorites of the week.  (Remember to click on the picture two times to see the full-size photos.)

Snowy White Angel Tabletop

Sparkling Deer Wreath

Toasty Bear Wreath

Father Christmas Tabletop

Snowy Pair of Deer Wreath

Ho-Ho-Ho Santa Wall Arrangement

You can tell, they love working in any color and any style, from elegant to folksy.  My second favorite is the last one with the carved-looking Santa.

Of course, their favorite is custom design work, when you pick out the flowers and colors you want.  Give us a call, we’ll be happy to go to work for you.

~Janet @ Christmas Place

P.S. Speaking of Santa, he’ll be at the North Pole next week – so you’d better come and meet Gingerbread and Rudolph – they get to play while Santa is up north!

Our Paris Wreath

Let me show you one special wreath .. Prissy, one of our floral design team, created this custom wreath for a special benefit auction.  The theme of the event is “An Evening in Paris.” 

My own sister happened to be in Paris just before we had to present this wreath, so she brought back a small Eiffel Tower for Prissy to incorporate into her design.  Prissy did a fabulous job of showcasing the figurine on a red glass ornament in the center of the wreath, along with highlighting the fleur-de-lis form and using that wonderful black velvet and gold sequins harlequin-patterned ribbon.  Someone is going to have a gorgeous Christmas decoration in their home or office this year!

This is just one example of the creativity and beauty our design team displays with each arrangement they make – and they love custom work!  If you need something unique that will really be the highlight of your holidays, come by the store and let our floral team design a wreath, swag, centerpiece, or candle arrangement for you.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. On Saturdays at 1:00 pm, they are hosting demonstrations of how to design your own mesh box arrangement – good stuff to know!


::frustration:: … is that we have the most stunning trees, wreaths, garlands, and decorations around here … and I have so far found it impossible to take pictures that effectively show their beauty and class …  I’m going to make you look at these anyway, but just imagine them a bajillion times better in real life, rich colors, elegant designs, whimsical light strands and all.  The trees (some of which are still under construction – we are getting in container-loads of new design materials these days) are so loaded with ornamentation there is no way to capture the full effect digitally, so I went in close on a variety of items I found tucked amoung branches.


I hope you can tell from these snaps how we load our trees – and the best part is that we generally provide a full kit list for each decorated tree, so you can purchase the whole enchilada and recreate it in your own home or office!

Now, here’s a staggering picture of strands of garland laden with clusters of lighted grapes and filled with birds’ nests, pussywillows, berries, and greens, reaching up to a regal wreath suspended nine feet above.  See why I say photographs really cannot do justice to the work of our professional designers and decorators?

Here are a couple of close-ups that capture the details (and source of my frustration) a little better.


Ya gotta come in and see for yourself!

Happy Almost Monday,

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

coming next week…decorating the tree with weasels, ducks, frogs, pandas, flamingos, buffalos, and more ~ and it all works!