Wreaths In The Christmas Tree? Yes!

Every year, our fabulous designers come up with something new – and always wonderful – for the Christmas tree!  This year, in a 9′ pencil slim tree, they put an amazing collection of vignettes, including Santa, forest creatures, and even a couple of nutcrackers, in a most creative way – attached within wreaths hung on the tree.  How do they dream up these ideas?

In the first example, two wreaths were wired back-to-back, and a two-piece set of Santa with a gift wagon was taken apart and placed on each side, along with some additional trees.  The effect simulates the idea of a snow globe.

Santa with gift wagon set, table top Christmas decoration, item 261510

Santa figure placed in wreath with mini trees, hung in Christmas tree.

Gift wagon set in a wreath, hung on the Christmas tree

A big red bow on top, snow-covered stems and branches, and plenty of lights woven throughout complete the spectacular display in the Christmas tree.  Here are some of the other vignettes and lights positioned in the tree – and as I said, it’s a 9′ pencil slim tree – you can do a lot in a skinny tree.

Bear, red mini oil lantern, and Christmas tree mounted in a wreath hung in the Christmas tree.

Second view of a bear figurine, mini Christmas tree, and mini red oil lantern set within a wreath placed on a Christmas tree.

Figurine of a deer and other woodland creatures with two white bottle brush trees set in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

A pair of snowmen set in a small wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

A 10" gold lighted mercury glass globe, glowing on a Christmas tree, with ribbons and red berry stems.

Nutcracker, Claire, and a mini tree set in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

Nutcracker and Claire on the Christmas tree.

10" Red lighted mercury glass globe on a Christmas tree.

Store Elf posing beside the treeHey!  It’s an elf photo bomb!  Way to go, Elf!

Santa figurine, mini tree, and mini Santa ornament in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

Santa, reindeer, mini train, and mini trees set on a wreath, hung in a Christmas tree.

Now that we’ve shown you our inspiration pieces, we know you can do it, too!  Talk to a designer when you come, they’ll tell you all the things you’ll need to create your own Christmas tree vignettes.

~Janet @ Incredible Christmas Place

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First Look – Musical Nutcracker

Wandering through the store this morning, I came across an eye-catching new display piece by the Nutcracker tree.  Look at this big guy!

He plays Christmas tunes, of course – and the lights on his jacket and drum light up in sync with the music.

I’m afraid he’s only to be enjoyed, not for sale.  Hope you’ll come and see him for yourself when you’re in Pigeon Forge this fall or Christmas!

~Janet @ Incredible Christmas Place

Christmas Windows!

We’ve been teasing you with glimpses of the construction phase – now we hope you’ll enjoy seeing the final product.

Betsy & Prissy created a variety of vignettes – there’s a window to inspire everyone for the holidays.

In the toy store window, an idea you could easily duplicate in your tree – mini airplanes are hanging from an “Ornamotor” light strand plug-in, so they spin!  I wonder if our giant elf is easier to manage than a comparably-sized, real-life elf??

The combined  peppermint and gingerbread window is a sweet favorite, filled with bright colors and tasty decorations.

The Nutcracker window is quite grand, dominated by a regal purple and gold color palette – but there’s room for every color at Christmas! Check out the whimsical star – is that a frog prince on your head, or a nutcracker prince under your feet?  Notice the pair of scrolled brackets used to provide more anchors for decorations – an elegant solution for a tight space.

Sparkling in clear simplicity, the Nativity scene quietly highlights our reason for celebration.

Fast becoming our new favorite, the Christmas Place Home collection has a homespun take on decorating – for any season! Keep watching for more information of this fun new assortment and a tour of our freshest ideas.

Just watch out for mirrors .. there would have been one more photo in this group but for an, ah-hem, “accidental #elfie” of the photographer.

Lots more sunny days to come this summer – come and pick your favorite window, and start dreaming of Christmas – only 153 days (22 Saturdays) until The Big Day!

~Janet @ Christmas Place

P.S.  I almost forgot – look who’s waiting to greet you at the front door .. what a sweet little character!

Cowboy Christmas

Greetings, Y’all!  There’s so much to show and tell about Christmas Place this season that I’m having a really difficult time deciding where to start.  But pick a point I must, so I’m starting with our Cowboy Christmas tree.  You will find our western-themed ornaments at this link.  As for our tree, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.  (Be sure to click on your favorite pictures to show the full image.)

Start by building a fire at the base of your tree – with flickering lights, please, not matches!  No tree skirt needed for this tree.

Pile on the chili pepper lights (we hang them in bunches, rather than stringing them out), rustic ribbon, wild berries and more.  Finish with a lasso at the top.

Our lasso extends along the wall to support additional greenery and highlight these beautiful, rustic crosses.

An assortment of cowboy-themed ornaments and accents fill out this charming tree! We even added a few “campfires” in the tree.

 You’ll probably want to include a cowboy nutcracker in your tree, too – someone’s got to ride herd on all those terrific decorations!

Notice that we used a slim-line, long-needle pine for our western tree (it’s temporarily out of stock, but we are expecting more to arrive shortly) – it doesn’t take up much room, but will accommodate loads of decorations.

What’s your favorite Christmas decorating theme?  I’ll be sure to feature all your requests.

~ Janet @ The Christmas Place

Pictures! Tree Pictures!

We built a tree in the store this year – two stories tall! – and wrapped it in hundreds? thousands? of brilliant white LED lights.  It’s breathtaking!

It’s only inhabitant so far is this snowy owl.

{Early Alert – start counting the lights now!}

At the bottom of the stairs, a glistening silver & white tree highlited with snowmen, nutcrackers, and winter maidens.

Designer’s tip:  notice that they mixed silver & gold on this tree, along with red poinsettias and black dogwoods.  They also used a few ornament spinners on the tree, and the frosted ornaments really twinkle as they rotate, adding extra life and sparkle to the decorations.

That’s all for today.  Study these over the weekend, there will be a test on Monday!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Don’t forget our artist signings this weekend with R.J. McDonald, Ne’Qwa Inside Art ornaments, and Ginny McCormack, cookbook author!

Food for Friday

Cookies!  We’ve all been baking cookies (and other assorted goodies) for our bake sale tomorrow.  We’ll be selling homemade creations to the Smoky Mountain Chevy Classics crowd, raising more funds for our Relay for Life team – we’re so close to $10K, we know we’re gonna make it!

722023 Christmas CookiesPerfect cookbook for today ~ Christmas Cookies, from Gooseberry Patch.  Along with a delicious selection of cookie treats, there are chapters on packaging, cookie mixes in a jar, and cookie swap ideas.  Sprinkled throughout the pages of the book are gift tag templates to copied, colored, and tied to your packages. 

Chapters include Frost-Kissed Cut-Outs, Razzle-Dazzle Drop Cookies, A Blizzard of Bar Cookies, and Candy Cane Lane.

From the Snow Kidding chapter, look what I found!  From Sally Derkenne, Des Moines, IA:


18 oz. tube refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough
6 oz pkg semi-sweet chocolate chips
32 vanilla caramels, unwrapped
1/4 C half-and-half

Slice cookie dough into 1/4″ thick slices; place slices in the bottom of an ungreased 9″x13″ baking pan.  Pat to make an even crust; bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes.  Let cool slightly; sprinkle with chocolate chips and set aside.  Melt caramels and half-and-half together in a double boiler over hot water.  Spread caramel mixture on top of chocolate chips.  Refrigerate for one to two hours; cut into squares.  Makes 3 dozen.

Now, in the book, it says the pan should be 9″x9″.  I can’t figure any way to 150340 Cookie Monster Nutcrackerget 36 reasonable portions out of a pan that small – that’s a brownie pan, right?  I’m saying they meant to say 9″x13″.  Are you with me?

These sound just delicious!  Packaging suggestion is to include a bag of coffee beans and a pretty mug – I’m imagining the heavenly scent as I’m typing.

Hope you have a tasty weekend, and find an outdoor festival to enjoy.  Of course, we’re seeing nickel-sized raindrops right now, but I can tell they are going to blow through quickly.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place