Christmas Lights

As we are preparing to install new Christmas lights for Winterfest 2016, we thought a look back at 2015 might be fun!  Wow, thousands of lights adorning every tree and shrub at the store and hotel – it took many thousand man-hours to put everything up .. but we think it was worth it.

The Incredible Christmas Place


The Inn at Christmas Place


Most of the lights we used are available for purchase at the store, or online at

The 27th annual Pigeon Forge Winterfest celebration starts with an official lighting ceremony in Patriot Park on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.  The light displays placed throughout the city will be illuminated at dark; for those who haven’t been before, it’s a beautiful display of lighted Christmas characters lights lining the parkway.  The light show actually begins in Sevierville (lighting on Monday night) and continues all the way to Gatlinburg (lighting on Wednesday night), a wonderful driving trip to make on an early winter’s evening – with a big thermos of hot chocolate to fuel the journey, of course.  The lights will remain on through February 28th, 2017, so you have lots of time to plan a visit to the area.

First comes fall, then comes Winterfest .. and finally it will be time for Christmas!  It’s only 96 days away – that’s 13 Saturdays to go.  Yippee!

Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

Christmas Trees 2016 – “Christmas Cabin”

Our newest Christmas tree theme in the store is already a favorite with elves and guests alike.  The Christmas Cabin theme has a very vintage feel, with classic images of Santa, reindeer ornaments, and snowmen.  We’ve paired a crazy steer made from recycled parts to the mix, along with a classic wooden sled and lots of lights.  This tree has more lights than any similarly-sized tree we’ve ever offered – and it’s quite a show-stopper!

Complimenting the tree decorations is a new collection of dishes, mugs, and flour-sack towels that everyone who loves snowmen will have to have – four different works of snowman art are featured on the two sizes of plates, oversized mugs, and towels.  There’s also a plush snowman wearing a holly wreath necklace and warm ear muffs who’ll keep you company all winter.

Did you notice that we used a tin wash tub on legs as the stand for this tree?  Lots of room underneath for plenty of presents to be dreamed about on Christmas eve.

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas tree tour.  More tree videos will soon be posted, as we have 25 trees to cover this year.

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place


Pictures! Tree Pictures!

We built a tree in the store this year – two stories tall! – and wrapped it in hundreds? thousands? of brilliant white LED lights.  It’s breathtaking!

It’s only inhabitant so far is this snowy owl.

{Early Alert – start counting the lights now!}

At the bottom of the stairs, a glistening silver & white tree highlited with snowmen, nutcrackers, and winter maidens.

Designer’s tip:  notice that they mixed silver & gold on this tree, along with red poinsettias and black dogwoods.  They also used a few ornament spinners on the tree, and the frosted ornaments really twinkle as they rotate, adding extra life and sparkle to the decorations.

That’s all for today.  Study these over the weekend, there will be a test on Monday!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Don’t forget our artist signings this weekend with R.J. McDonald, Ne’Qwa Inside Art ornaments, and Ginny McCormack, cookbook author!

Pretty Stuff! (Part I)

We’ve been so busy around here that I’ve hardly had time to take pictures and explore the new Christmas decorations & ornaments filling the store right now.  Yesterday I took the time to make a tour, and here are some of the things I’ve found inspiring, including our new crystal entrance, the tree in the nativity area, a couple of beautiful under-the-sea wreaths, and a few other highlights.

Are you shivering yet??

We’re showcasing a new style of LED light strand called “Angel Tear” lights.  These lights resemble tear drops or water drops on a strand, and are attached in a branch-like form that is shape-able – you can bend the strand and it will mold to the shape that you want without having to be secured.  They are so beautiful, lightweight and functional, you’ll find many different ways to incoporate them into your decor – maybe even year-round.

Angel Tear LED Lights













On the left, you can see how we’ve tightly entwined a strand with silver branches.  On the right, you can see the strand draped more loosely with the same silver branch.  I love it both ways!

We also have in the store a pre-lit, 3′ tree that is entirely white and fuzzy ~ and our decorators suspended four of them from the ceiling and iced them with sparkling birds and ornaments – what an interesting and beautiful result!

Check out this colorful, glittering wreath – a handsome turquoise reindeer and sparkling “Merry Christmas” sign, enhanced by iced pine branches and silvered leaves – breathtaking!

Just around the corner from what I’m calling our “crystal entrance” is the new undersea area, and though the tree hasn’t been decorated yet, here are a couple of wonderful & whimsical wreaths already on display.

I particularly like the seafoam effect from the white guaze used in this wreath.  These are each one-of-a-kind creations, so we don’t have the opportunity to feature them on our shopping site, but phone orders and shipping are available.  Just call Guest Services at 1-800-445-3396, press 2, and they’ll take care of you.

Tucked into a corner I found a small yet brilliant peacock tree – so very colorful!

Here are a few closeups of two of the peacocks on this silver, slim-line tree.

Okay, I’m kind of afraid to put more photos into one post, so I’ll do a Part II for the rest of my finds!

Have you started planning for Christmas 2011?  Tell us how it’s going – and remember to check out our Themes area on the shopping site – get some help from our designers, whose selections will show you how to creatively build a theme or a color plan for your most fun holidays yet!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Our First-Ever On-Line Tent Sale!

Did you know you can have a tent sale on-line??  We sure are!  They took a lot of items from our site to put into the Labor Day tent sale here at the store, so we took a bunch back and are doing our on on-line tent sale!

Christmas ornaments, figurines, floral stems ~ garland, ribbon, stockings ~ an angel tree topper ~ we’ve got a great selection at tent sale prices. 

Designers, it’s the perfect time to stock up on decorations in volume ~ enough to use all around the house!

Prices are straight from the tent sale, and won’t go any lower, so shop early to get just the items you want.

Pick up a few strands of long-lasting, low-energy LED lights in red & green, multicolored, or beautiful blue.  Add punch to a pre-made wreath, garland, or candle ring with a selection of leaves & silk flowers keyed to your own color theme.  Snag an old world Santa for your mantel.

Only 102 days left til Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Weekly Deals at

LED Lights ~ time to stock up!  Through this Friday only, buy 2 strands and get a third strand of the same lights free.  That’s a great deal for these long-lasting, economical decorations.  Check out all the colors and styles available this year.

"In a Spin"

Snowbabies “In a Spin” figurine – 50% off – what a cutie, Snowbaby in a real knit cap, spinning with a penguin pal on a snow disc.  To complement your Snowbabies ornament collection, how about a  13″ tree from Department 56 specially designed to display them to best advantage?  It’s well-priced this week at only  $6.98!

Also, be sure to check out the “Christmas in a Box” gift sets for the troops ~ we still have some available, and time to ship them out before the holidays.

So many things going on of which you can take advantage – hop over to the site and register for the Week 2 Gingerbread Giveaway – ornaments, ribbon, and stems this week! 

And don’t forget, free shipping on all orders over $100, and free gift with your online purchase, either an ornament or an angel. 

* 47 Days! *

~ Janet @ The Christmas Place

LED Lights – a note for crafters

So, this weekend I spent a day with a nearby friend, and she showed off the LED Christmas lights on her tree (which she purchased from a competitor which shall remain unnamed, pooh on her) – they were very pretty.  However, her family is used to warmer lights on their Christmas tree, and the LED strands she used included more blue and purple colors, along with cooler white bulbs.

Being a crafter, she had to experiment on the LED lights herself.  What worked in the end was an application of alcohol inks from her rubber stamping hobby!  She applied Butterscotch Ink from the Ranger Inks-Adirondack reinkers collection, and the white bulbs were warmed right up to a rich, golden shade.

She also tried this color on some of the purple bulbs, and they took on a lovely peach shade when dark, but still glowed purple when illuminated, so that didn’t work.  She ended up buying an extra strand of white, coloring a handful of the lights, and substituting them on her strand.

Just so you know, LED lights come in a variety of colors and in two shades of white, cool and warm. –Oh, and I was just looking in the online store, and our warm lights are on special right now – check it out.

C6 Warm White LED Lights

C6 Warm White LED Lights

Hope your lights are glowing on this cold winter day!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Winterfest in Sevier County

Winterfest 2008-09 has begun in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg.  Each year, the three communities display hundreds of lighted holiday decorations throughout the area, and loads of people drive through after dark to enjoy the sights and sounds of the season.  In addition, there are many community events including parades, live performances, a story telling festival, hay rides with Santa, and appearances by local celebrities, to fill the days until Christmas.

The lights continue to glow through February, and there are more activities in the new year.  In January, we celebrate the 19th Annual Wilderness Wildlife Week with free guided hikes, walks, and lectures all about the flora and fauna in the beautiful Smokies.  In February, it’s the 9th Annual Saddle Up! celebration of western life and culture, a week filled with Western music, cowboy poetry, story telling, and action entertainment all over town.

led-lightsHere in Pigeon Forge, over five million lights are in place – more than enough to delight the kid in everyone – try the Trolley Tour of Lights for an easy ride through town.  Gatlinburg offers a trolley tour of their displays as well.  While you’re touring, be sure to enjoy holiday displays of trees and decorations at many local businesses – especially ours, of course.  We’ve filled our store courtyard and all the trees at the hotel with thousands of blue and colored LED lights, and are quite sparkly and festive after dark!

Click here or here for more information about Winterfest 2008-09.

We are having a lot of fun as it gets closer to Christmas – everyone is ready to celebrate the holiday, and create a little cheer to round out this year.  We’ve continued to receive new merchandise at the store every day, and we carry such a variety of Christmas decorations, from traditional to rustic and contemporary to whimsical, that it is impossible not to find something to fall in love with for your Christmas tree, hearth or front door.

We hope you’re looking forward to Christmas and anticipating the special magic and feeling of joy and peace that Christmas can bring to a home and a community.

Life is good!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Green Solutions That Sparkle

595023_l-multi-led-lights.jpgLast year, The Incredible Christmas Place introduced you to LED lights for indoor and outdoor decorating.  These amazing and brilliant lights are at work in all kinds of places, from your digital alarm clock and illuminated wristwatch (I always wear mine to the movies), to your television remote and even traffic lights.

Here’s some more cool stuff about LEDs from How Stuff Works.  They don’t use filaments like incandescent bulbs; they emit light through the movement of electrons in semiconductor materials. This is why they don’t burn out like ordinary bulbs – and we must all agree that this is a very good thing when it comes to Christmas lights!

Different colors of LED lights come about because of some really technical stuff that How Stuff Works explains ~ it involves photons and conduction bands and lower orbitals…yeah, I’m not going there… I want you to know about the environmental advantages of these lights.

446049_l-white-led-lights.jpgLonger lasting – because there’s no filament to burn out

More durable – because the bulb is plastic

More efficient – a higher percentage of the energy they use goes to generating light, less is lost to heat, so the electricity demand is much lower with these bulbs – LED Christmas lights use up to 80% less energy than traditional lights.

To expand on these advantages a little more, fewer burn-outs reduce the frequency of trips to the store for replacement bulbs & Tums.  Durable bulbs are safer to have around certain family members (the small ones and the furry ones) leading to fewer trips to the emergency room.   Lower heat output means fewer calls to the fire department.  Taken altogether … lowered energy consumption and fewer emissions = smaller carbon footprint.

LED lights sparkle brilliantly or glow softly.  They are cool to the touch, and the plastic casings make them more water- and rust-resistant.  Like traditional lights, LED light strands are available in varying lengths, from 10 glittering icicles to 100 standard bulbs.  It’s safe to connect up to three strands together.  They come in a wide array of styles:

  • White, red, green, blue, amber, and multi-colored
  • Traditional bulb shapes, mini bulb shapes, round with a coating that looks like sugar, icicles, and other novelty shapes
  • Strands for indoor or outdoor use, mini strands for Christmas villages, and curtain lights

Beauty and brilliance combined with longevity, durability, safety, and energy-efficiency ~ these light446072_l-icicle-led-lights.jpg strands are the best buy for all your indoor and outdoor decorating.

Wishing you a most sparkling – and green – Christmas all year ’round!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place