Two for Tuesday – Christmas Decorations

I’m thinking it’s a beauty and a cutie, both on one tree in the Christmas Gallery.  Every tree needs both large and small decorations, as well as sizes in between, for balance and a pleasing aspect.

This distressed-finish [red lantern] is a foot tall (without the handle), and can be used indoors or out.  We’ve added a flameless [burgundy Luminara candle] (not included), and a [plaid ribbon] around the top for a splash of polish and elegance.  I’m also kind of mad for [this cardinal ribbon with greetings] and [this cardinal ribbon] in the picture, too!

Red Lantern

Just love this tiny little winter scene of a brown budgie perched outside his snow covered bird house.  A second bird is hidden behind the tree branch, and a heavy winter frost coats the entire ornament. There is a second style for this ornament; [see them both here.]

Bird & Bird House Ornament

Your Christmas tree will be more interesting and pleasing to view if you include ornaments and decorations in multiple sizes – start with the largest items first (three to five as focal points around the tree at different heights), and add more ornaments as you go down in size with each layer of decorations.  That’s how a 12″ lantern and a 3″ birdhouse work in concert to make beautiful music on your tree!  Okay, I don’t know why I went musical just then, but you get the analogy, right?!  It all works harmoniously together.

We hope you’ll share some of your favorite design ideas and elements with us, either by e-mailing, or come on over and visit [our Facebook page] and share some pictures with us there.

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S. Coming up this weekend, a signing with the creators of the collectible dog breed ornaments, [Joy to the World Collectibles].  If your best friend is an unique breed, come and take a look at these gorgeous glass ornaments – something outstanding for your Christmas tree!

Joy to the World Collectible Dog Breed Ornaments Signing

Cardinal Christmas Tree

Another work of breathtaking beauty from the design team!  They spent almost as much time on the ceiling around the tree as they did on the tree itself; it’s filled with branches and birds ~ including some darling miniature owls ~ and dripping with frosty fringe and icicles.

First, a picture of the blank canvas, with just a few cardinals alluding to what’s to come.

Cardinal before decorating

The ceiling ornamentation is already in place.

Cardinal ceiling 2

My favorite owl!

My favorite owl!

Cardinal ceiling 1

Cardinal owl

Add a few bits and bobs to that flocked tree, maybe a couple of yards of ribbon and a pair of deer, and voila! ~ you have a masterpiece!

Cardinal Theme Christmas Tree

Cardinal Theme Christmas Tree

It really takes your breath away!  Here are a few close-up pictures.  On the other side of the tree from the image above, you’ll find a delicate white birdcage, dripping with red crystals.  Notice that they have used really large silk poinsettias as additional focal points on the tree.

Cardinal birdcage

In addition to a wide variety of cardinal ornaments and cardinal light strands, you’ll also find doves, snowmen, Santas, and snow girls throughout the tree – everything in red and white, of course.  We like to mix in fabric and glass pieces, hand-painted ornaments, and a variety of berries and leaves.

Cardinal have faith

Cardinal peace on earth

Cardinal joy to the world

Now that’s a frosty tree for the middle of summer!  I love those frozen pine cones, and the way the lights on the tree glow through the snow-covered needles.

I’m off roaming with my camera for the next tree to show off.  Please let us know if you have questions about any of the decorations you see here – we  add things in the store faster than we are able to get them onto the web, of course!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place