Wreaths In The Christmas Tree? Yes!

Every year, our fabulous designers come up with something new – and always wonderful – for the Christmas tree!  This year, in a 9′ pencil slim tree, they put an amazing collection of vignettes, including Santa, forest creatures, and even a couple of nutcrackers, in a most creative way – attached within wreaths hung on the tree.  How do they dream up these ideas?

In the first example, two wreaths were wired back-to-back, and a two-piece set of Santa with a gift wagon was taken apart and placed on each side, along with some additional trees.  The effect simulates the idea of a snow globe.

Santa with gift wagon set, table top Christmas decoration, item 261510

Santa figure placed in wreath with mini trees, hung in Christmas tree.

Gift wagon set in a wreath, hung on the Christmas tree

A big red bow on top, snow-covered stems and branches, and plenty of lights woven throughout complete the spectacular display in the Christmas tree.  Here are some of the other vignettes and lights positioned in the tree – and as I said, it’s a 9′ pencil slim tree – you can do a lot in a skinny tree.

Bear, red mini oil lantern, and Christmas tree mounted in a wreath hung in the Christmas tree.

Second view of a bear figurine, mini Christmas tree, and mini red oil lantern set within a wreath placed on a Christmas tree.

Figurine of a deer and other woodland creatures with two white bottle brush trees set in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

A pair of snowmen set in a small wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

A 10" gold lighted mercury glass globe, glowing on a Christmas tree, with ribbons and red berry stems.

Nutcracker, Claire, and a mini tree set in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

Nutcracker and Claire on the Christmas tree.

10" Red lighted mercury glass globe on a Christmas tree.

Store Elf posing beside the treeHey!  It’s an elf photo bomb!  Way to go, Elf!

Santa figurine, mini tree, and mini Santa ornament in a wreath, hung on a Christmas tree.

Santa, reindeer, mini train, and mini trees set on a wreath, hung in a Christmas tree.

Now that we’ve shown you our inspiration pieces, we know you can do it, too!  Talk to a designer when you come, they’ll tell you all the things you’ll need to create your own Christmas tree vignettes.

~Janet @ Incredible Christmas Place

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Christmas Trees 2016 – “Christmas Cabin”

Our newest Christmas tree theme in the store is already a favorite with elves and guests alike.  The Christmas Cabin theme has a very vintage feel, with classic images of Santa, reindeer ornaments, and snowmen.  We’ve paired a crazy steer made from recycled parts to the mix, along with a classic wooden sled and lots of lights.  This tree has more lights than any similarly-sized tree we’ve ever offered – and it’s quite a show-stopper!

Complimenting the tree decorations is a new collection of dishes, mugs, and flour-sack towels that everyone who loves snowmen will have to have – four different works of snowman art are featured on the two sizes of plates, oversized mugs, and towels.  There’s also a plush snowman wearing a holly wreath necklace and warm ear muffs who’ll keep you company all winter.

Did you notice that we used a tin wash tub on legs as the stand for this tree?  Lots of room underneath for plenty of presents to be dreamed about on Christmas eve.

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas tree tour.  More tree videos will soon be posted, as we have 25 trees to cover this year.

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place


What’s going on at Christmas Place today?

Glad you asked!  Train rides, cookie decorating, popcorn & hot apple cider & hot cocoa.  A brand new tree lot – shipping is free for all trees 7′ and taller!  Love the scent of the wood fire in the courtyard.  And then, a visit from two Snowbabies, helping us celebrate their 25th anniversary with some special store promotions.

Hey, you haven’t missed it yet!  Come back on Saturday – we promise to do it all again – and maybe add a few more surprises!  (Rudolph in the house!)

Our 15″ Guage Live Steam Engine Train

(Free cup of cocoa for kids 10 & under if they will decorate their own cup!)

(Free bow when you purchase a Christmas tree!)

This litte Snowbaby has wings!

And this little Snowbaby has a backpack!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Christmas trees! More Christmas trees! (part 1)


Do you suppose there really is a green tree under there somewhere?

You, too, can suspend snowflakes from the ceiling – just need a little cup hook!  These things weigh almost nothing.

Now I see – it’s a flocked green tree.

Just next door, a snowman tree:

The snowflakes in this tree are really glittery white – it surprised me when they showed pink in the photograph – there’s more color in white than we might see.  I wonder if I could get them to look blue from another angle.

 Okay, I’ll stop here for now so the system doesn’t crash & burn.  Follow on…

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

What’s New? A Lot!

When you come to the store for you next visit, you may not recognize us – except for all the beauty, of course!  We’ve got that and are adding more every day .. but the elves have been so busy this winter & spring rearranging, it’s like a new store!

Just a teaser of a couple of pictures to start things off .. here’s my new favorite tree in its “naked” state:

Have you ever seen one this white and lush?  When you come, it will be transformed into an undersea vision of Christmas!

Over in Department 56, we’re getting in lots of new products as well.  Here’s one tiny peek into how the process begins when we rebuild a display from the ground up.

Lots of possibilities.  Does it fill you with anticipation to see the finished display??  I think this is the new home of North Pole Village.

Here’s another favorite of mine – the Winters Frost collection.

Look at how our designer, Kristy, has amplified the cool factor by filling a crackled glass urn with icy white lights and using it as the base for a house.  She did it again in this scene for the new Snowbabies “SnowDream” collection – Snowbabies highlighted with vintage silver glitter.  A  mirror framed in silver and used as a table top reflects the sparkle and brilliance of these figurines, and two votive candle holders turned on end display a couple of charming Snowbabies at different heights so each is a standout – copy this trick at home!

Here are a few more SnowDream pieces displayed on glass bricks (hmmm, we just pulled several of these bricks from a house- now I know why we need to keep them around!).  I love the Dream Glitter House, Barn, & Church accessory sets – each set includes a building, one tree, and an accessory figurine.

I’d better not show much more until the designers are finished with their handiwork – the final displays will be brilliant, though, I predict!  Next week I’ll show some pictures of Santa’s newly redecorated performance stage, including the animated reindeer flying overhead.  The kids will be enchanted!

Happy Collecting!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

How to light your Christmas tree


Cape May Pine Pre-lit Tree

So, you think you know how to light your Christmas tree, right?  You start at the top with the end of a light strand, and you go around and around, and you plug that strand into the next strand, and you go around and around again, and you plug that strand in, and you rinse and repeat.  Around January 2nd or 10th or maybe even February 7th or 17th, reverse the process.


I’m sorry, but you are wrong wrong wrong.  Now, hear me out!  I have testimonials galore from friends who have seen the light – get it – the light? – and now have more beautimous Christmas trees than ever before!  The last report was that their Christmas ornaments practically glow on the tree under the proper conditions of illumination created with this technique.

It does not necessarily involve purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree, though that is certainly an acceptable and practical option in many cases, and we have a beautiful selection.

Here’s what you do:

  • First, run a power strip from your nearest outlet to the base of your Christmas tree.  Plugging lights strands into a power strip makes it easy to turn them on and off.
  • Start at the bottom of the tree, near the trunk.   Wrap your first strand of lights around a branch, moving out to the tip and back into the trunk.  Proceed to the next branch, wrapping it to the tip and back.  Space your lights evenly.  If you have an artificial Christmas tree with hinged branches, make it easy on yourself and tie up the upper branches as you work your way up the tree.
  • If you have an extra bit of light strand at the end, wrap it back around the trunk of the tree.
  • Remember not to link more than 3 light strands together – use that power strip and extension cords as necessary (you know they come in green so you can hide them in your tree).
  • Fluff your branch tips to give a nice overall shape to your tree – if you have an artificial tree.  I’m not sure how you fluff a real Christmas tree.  Maybe you need a rotating base, get some centrifugal force going on it??  Hee hee hee!
  • Done.  Now add all the other pretty, shiny bits, and the hand-made ornaments from down through the years, turn on the lights, grab a mug of hot cocoa, pop in a Christmas cd, sit back, and enjoy the view. 

Next up, tips on hanging garland around the house!  Think hooks, that’s my teaser.  There is more information about selecting and decorating your tree on our blog page conveniently titled Selecting and Decorating Your Tree.

Happy Christmas!  Life is good!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place