Two for Tuesday (no, really! well, maybe…)

Okay, yes, I know it’s Friday!  Such a busy week with inventory counting of everything in our warehouses and on the sales floor and in my office, working on projects, and going to the elves’ Christmas party.  So I didn’t get my two pictures up on Tuesday.

As a reward for your patience in waiting for a post, I’m sharing “Five for Friday” — but I won’t give the post that title, because then you’ll probably want more.  Again.  Like, next week, and the week after that, and the week after that!  :o  So enjoy this one-week bonus, please.

Let’s start with plenty of glitter – a show-stopper IMHO, the glitter-scape of Santa, trees, and village outline is also lighted with twinkling LEDs that give the layers sparkling definition.  Battery operated, this can easily become a Christmas focal point anywhere you’re feeling bold enough to embrace your inner glitter-fan.

Glitter scape2

It’s the stars of Christmas, Santa and Frosty.  Love the vintage design style, and the over-the-top glittering snow coating this ornament and figurine.


 Give me more!  Here’s a turn to glittering gold for the holidays, with these ivory-colored holly leaves edged and sprinkled in gold glitter with clusters of gold berries on the stem.

Gold-Cream maple leaf

Had enough?  Okay…how about some silly Christmas fun.  We agree ‘staches are in fashion these days – and even Santa has a good one.  Found this darling mug in the Christmas Gallery – there are a couple of other styles in the collection, but they’re not on line, in-store only, call 1-800-445-3396 to order.

Mustache mug

Have you added an ugly sweater to your Christmas tree yet?  Department 56 put together a great collection this year, including Grinch sweaters.  I’m partial to the Christmas tree with the lovely faux-fur cuffs – and I really don’t want to call it ugly, okay?  It’s cute!

Ugly sweaterslr

Just a few of the things I love this week.  I’ll be back on schedule next week.  If you see something on line and would like to see more pictures or see it “in use,” don’t be shy, just ask!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Deconstruction and reconstruction continue at the store – we elves can’t wait to see the final result!


Two for Tuesday (almost made it!)

Getting back into the swing of things, and sharing anything that particularly catches my eye! This week, two very different ornaments.

Adorable Hedgehog! I added a bunch of these to my décor for Christmas, and I’m loath to pack them away – there’s sooooo cute!  I think they’ll just be my winter décor buddies.


Take a look at this unique, 2-D image ornament – I hope you’ll be able to see the effect on your screen – in your hand, you have the sensation of being able to walk into the snowy forest…well, if you can miniaturize yourself to about 2″ tall, of course.


Is everything being packed up at your house, or are you keeping anything out year round just for the love and beauty of Christmas?

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Our buyers are out this week finding lots of lovely new Christmas for 2015 – can’t wait to see what they find!  We’ll be closed on Tuesday, January 13th, to take inventory – busy elf day at the workshop, you could say.  Stay warm out there!

We’re on the move!

No, we’re not leaving the building – but we’re moving all around the store!  Who knew we even had this much floor space?  And who decided to play twister with all the trees???  I can’t wait to see everything in place for the season, and all the new items that will be filling trees and baskets and bins.  Til then, take a look – ohp – those two trees just moved again .. sorry!

New Silver & Crystal Gallery at the Front Doors

One of your favorites, the cardinal tree, is on the other side of the front doors. You’ll have fun discovering a whole new layout when you come this year – in the mean time, staff is having fun rediscovering themes we thought we had missed.

Check out the gianormous butterfly I found on a tree back in the corner – amazing!  Its over 3′ across.  We used two on the tree, one on each side – just beautiful.  (The green orb-y looking thing is a glass ornament – no, not a giant froggy eyeball peeking out!)

You know how I love the glitter & glam – found these handsome sparkling winter gentlemen in the same gold and white corner:

I also found this shiver of Snowmen keeping it frigid – but with such a warm message on their little bellies, who could resist!

What’s your favorite tree theme?  Bet we have it!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  You know, this was supposed to be a Two for Tuesday, but I got behind.  And then today it should be a Food for Friday, but again .. how about a couple of pictures of the scrumptious Turkey Pot Pie, Christmas Salad, & California Cheesecake from the restaurant instead.  Will that hold you over til next Friday?

Yes, I just did that to you!!  Happy Weekend!

Fall for Tuesday!

Oh, yes, fall has arrived!  And the people are rejoicing!  Several of us mentioned the need for a light jacket this morning, and we may even get  overnight temperatures in the 40s next week.  Yippee!  We’re received some good, soaking rains in the last few days, and if we get enough of that, the leaves will come out beautifully for us.

And so, on a fall theme, I have today fall colors from Vera Bradley, and fall treats from Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen to entice to you come for a visit.

Check out the just-released colors – my particular favorite is Buttercup, the first on the left, followed in order in the picture by Twirly Birds Navy, Twirly Birds Pink, Baroque, and Versailles.  (Of course, in Indiana where Vera Bradley is headquartered, it is pronounced Ver-sails.  Just so you know.)

Vera Bradley Fall Colors

As before, they have also interpreted these prints with a slight twist in the Frills collection, laminated fabrics with a kicky kind of style.  I love the Lunch Bunch bags!  It’s all such fun stuff.

Frill in Curly Bird Pink

Frills in Buttercup & Baroque

It’s time for pumpkin fudge at the Candy Kitchen!  I took a super-close photo so you can see the spices in the mix – isn’t it lovely?  All that sweet-and-spicy goodness waiting to be enjoyed.

While you’re sampling the fudge, keep your fingers crossed that there’s an iced cookie in the case .. look at that happy pumpkin sprinkle on top!

Glorious Fall!  How we love your cool nights, misty mornings, and warm afternoons.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Yes, I did get to sample the items in today’s photos.  In fact, I’m also picking up the Buttercup Lunch Bunch!

Two for Tuesday

We have some new friends in the store this year, and I think you might like to meet them…

First, well, you’ve probably already met the big guy ..

Santa & Roy

 .. but that Roy is quite the charmer!  Roy is joined by ..

Albert & Jimmy

 .. clearly Albert is none to happy about Jimmy choosing his magnificent antlers for a nap! (Elf sold separately.)

And there’s just something about Bob ..

Bob & Mikey

The elves find him irresistible, too, even with that big nose – at least his doesn’t glow in the dark!  Looks like Mikey is hitching a ride back to the north pole. (Elf sold separately.)

I found another Santa sitting in the breezeway yesterday, just waiting for a friend.  Could you be the one?

Santa's waiting for you!

I have seen a few smaller versions of these very funny reindeer around the store, so if whimsy is your theme, come by and check them out!

And now, from Really Big Decorations to a collection I think would be a perfect stocking stuffer ~ you might want to buy one of each and keep them around for occasions when you just want one little gift for someone special. These porcelain plaques are about 5″ square (the larger one is 5″ x 6.5″) and have two brass hangers securely attached to the back.  They come with the velvet bows you see here, and retail for only $11.99, a great value!

There are several more styles, these three just happen to be my favorites!  I love the dimensionality they have – the letters and decorations are raised, and the colors are rich and elegant.

Only 92 days til Christmas, and we are starting to feel the excitement!  Don’t forget about all the artists coming to visit the store over the next three months – check out the list here.  We’ve just added performances by a local seniors choir and a high school handbell choir, both of which are quite excellent.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place



Two for Tuesday

I found some really beautiful things to show this week – more items than I can do at one time!

I’m still in a fall frame of mind, and these real leaf ornaments practically jumped off the display at me (and out popped my wallet at the same time, coincidentally!).  The 24K gold and iridescent copper finishes on these leaves are beautiful and eye-catching.  No need to use these ornaments only on your woodland Christmas tree; they will add a real touch of class to your décor year round.

“Christmas Tree Lane” is filling up with new trees for the season, including one that looks like a peppermint tree – my photos didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped, so I’ll try again next week.  In the mean time, enjoy these cute 3′ flocked trees in pink, green, and gold.  They are really charming – perfect for an alcove or a child’s room.

 When I linked the photo to our site, I noticed the color is sherbet, and it’s on special!  Here’s a picture without the flash.

Here are the green and gold versions.

And without flash:

And with some ornaments – these can take a 3- or 4-inch ball:

Finally, do you love the old-fashioned look of popcorn garland on the tree, but find it hard to keep the pets – and the people – from nibbling during the holidays?  We have a new garland made from real popcorn but coated to preserve it from season to season!  I handled this, and believe me, it’s not something that tempts one to nibble – though it has no odor at all.  You just need to store it securely in an airtight container to keep the varmints out – they recommend in a freezer between holidays.  Sturdy hooks on each end make it super easy to string through the tree or on a banister or mantle.

Real Popcorn Garland

The only thing missing is the unpopped kernels in the bottom of the bag!

Look for more decorated tree pictures in the weeks to come, as we’ve been completing our 2010 designs and I’ve been taking pictures.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Two for Tuesday

….shhhhh….no one will notice that it’s really Friday….just focus on the pretty pictures….

Sorry I’ve been away so long!  I’m using the old broken leg & restaurant opening excuse again .. and I promise to have a cookbook and a recipe on Monday.  I’m on a slow catch-up loop, but I’ll get there!

Here are a random selection of new items I’ve seen around the store this week.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season Ornament

 The beautiful decoration you see is repeated on the other side of the ornament.

Wedgewood Blue Ornament

We have a collection of several ornaments in this attractive blue color, perfect for a frosty tree theme.

Here’s another frosty ornament from the same tree – it is a little more sparkly than this picture shows, but not flashy.  I love the feeling this invokes of snowfall on a winter’s night.

Not quite ready to dive into winter?  Fall is my favorite season of the year, and this handsome wreath puts me right into it – a cool evening around the campfire, a morning when the leaves are touched with frost.  This wreath, a one-of-a-kind decoration, is lit with small white lights (yes, I erased the electrical cord for the sake of the photo!).  Call the store if you’d like to purchase this special piece.

It’s definitely time to think about cooler days!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Two for Tuesday

On a theme of two .. Department 56 has just released “the best accessory Christmas tree set in the history of Department 56″, to quote our D56 lead.  So, I took a video of them.  And they ARE cute and colorful and brilliant!


See what I mean?  According to the expert, though, it’s not the changing colors and cute spiral design that make them brilliant, it’s the fact that they have really long, separate (but attached to one plug) cord leads – so you can easily position them in two distant locations within your village display.  There’s an easy on/off switch on the cord, too.  I just covered it up with some artificial snow for the movie.

Christmas Place has been chosen to help debut in 2010 three pieces from a brand new collection they’ve created with Disney, Mickey’s Christmas VillageMickey’s Tree House, Minnie’s Dinner, and Donald Duck’s Firehouse  are available only from us ~ you might want to preorder yours now to ensure delivery this fall!  Younger children would really enjoy setting up and playing with this Disney village at Christmas time.  (Grandparents, are you looking for a collection to start with your favorite grandkids??) 

Department 56 will likely be limiting the number of pieces added to this line, which includes many accessory figurines as well.  (Note how I cleverly slipped in those two cute trees again!  They work!)

It’s a rainy Tuesday in Tennessee .. so glad I mowed the lawn yesterday ..

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Two for Tuesday

I PROMISE, I started this on Tuesday!  It’s just been that week, you know?  But never mind ~ fun stuff to show you!

I was going to open with “summertime, and the livin’ is easy .. ” ~ but that’s not til June, is it?  You’ve probably never heard of the sticky, red earth white, sandy beaches of East Tennessee, where you can relax in the warm sun and work on your tanning bed hours tan.  Or the totally awesome speedboat waves on the Tennessee river where you can catch a fish curl and ride all the way to the next dam for miles.  We’ve done a pretty great job of keeping these treats a secret from non-Volunteers lo these many years.

Well, anyways, that’s what I was thinking when I found these two cute personalized ornaments in the middle of the Christmas store in the mountains of East Tennessee.  Actually, just about everyone around here heads to a coast for spring break, and they surf on cruise ships these days, right?  I love the bright colors and the easy, warm feel of these two ~ they would be great mementos of your special vacation in the sand, wherever you happen to find it!

You’re probably expecting something more like this for your Smoky Mountain vacation, right?

And we welcome a lot of honeymooners to the area every year, too!

Don’t forget, our Buy 3, get the 4th free ornament sale is still going on – you could order all four of these and one would be free!

We’ve added the American Expedition line to the store this spring ~ a beautiful collection of pieces of interest to sportsmen and women who love nature at its best ~ outside where it belongs.  Okay, I’m just kidding .. a little.  Take a look at these very grand wall clocks, each featuring a gorgeous illustration and a unique quote about the exploration and discovery of nature.

Just at the bottom of the photo you can glimpse some of the other products in this collection – insulated drink mugs, a pocket flask, playing cards, fine milled soaps, and several other items are available in a variety of striking images.  It’s an outstanding group that you’ll want to see on your next visit to the store (she says, having realized that they are not on the website yet)! 

The fancy cars are rolling into town for this weekend’s show – what a creative bunch we humans are!  Some crazy sights to see.  The vehicles sitting all day along the parkway with their hoods propped open remind me of crocodiles relaxing on the banks of the Nile river in the heat of the afternoon sun; they hinge their jaws open in exactly the same manner.  You know, you never see a bird picking the teeth of a crocodile .. I wonder why?

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Two for Tuesday

Now that spring has sprung, many of us are spending plenty of time out-of-doors before summer heat sets in ~ although the thermometer has officially reached 90 degrees here in the valley today!  If your bird feeder has seen better days,  how about  a new redwood feeder?  These beautiful feeders feature carved-wood detailing, and some also have etched panels like the one pictured here.

The redwood line also includes beautiful bird houses, like this example.

Did you know that we also carry high-end shoes in The Boutique?  These are a new spring addition to our exclusive collection.

Gold leather with a pink heel and sole and gold charms that shimmy as the shoe moves.  Here’s another high-fashion style in black studded with red crystals and lined in gold lame.

If you enjoy a more whimsical take on fashion, how about taking the flock out for a walk?

Perhaps you’ve guessed by now that these fanciful creations are in miniature – about three inches tall, in fact!  There are over 25 styles in the collection, from diamond-crusted wedding shoes to one with a cable car embedded in the heel!  This is the only affordable way to build a truly unique shoe collection.

Could Dorothy have managed those heels along the yellow brick road??

~Janet @ The Christmas Place