Christmas Bear in a Santa hat

Christmas Bears & Foxes & Chickens, Oh My!

Yesterday, you met my new friend Big-Nose Bear, he of the sweet expression and extreme hug-a-liciousness!

Plush Bear with Christmas scarf

Today, meet some of his friends, all anxious to show off their winter scarves and looking warm and Christmas-y!

Fox-y Christmas:

Christmas Fox

The Raccoon Gang:

Christmas Raccoon

Santa Hat Bear:

Christmas Bear in a Santa hat

Santa Suit Bear (a.k.a. Tower of Teddies):

Santa Bear

Christmas Chicken:

Christmas Chicken

(You know it’s not Christmas without a chicken in the house!)

Ski Bears (bag-fulls of them):

Tan bear with knit scarf and ski hat

And now for something entirely (kind of) different:  Bigfoot!  I don’t think this soft, cuddly sasquatch is going to scare anyone away from the tree, though…

Plush Bigfoot doll

Finally, also in the plush group – Gnomes all over the place! Big gnomes, little gnomes, in-between gnomes – you can’t go wrong with a gnome watching over things.  (Just don’t say it reminds you of your uncle, please.  And remember to feed them plenty of chocolate.)

Plush Gnome dolls

Embrace the hug factor this holiday with a fun and fuzzy holiday friend or two!

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S. Santa is here for photos and story-telling and general getting-to-know-you today (August 26th) through Sunday – come and meet him!

Thursday Things To Love – Christmas Decorations in a Country Theme

You know I used to do “Two for Tuesday” – but I could hardly ever keep it to just two .. so I’m doing “Thursday Things” instead – and I can show as many things to love as I want with no guilt!  Here are some of my favorite things from around the store this week.  I’m a fan of the homespun, country style of Christmas decorations that we are showcasing in the Christmas Gallery – and of course, there’s so much more than I can show in one post.

Have you seen the wide variety available in these frosted glass lamps?  Softly painted winter and Christmas themes decorate several shapes and styles of vases and lamps, each lamp filled with a strand of mini lights.  They will add a warm glow to any corner of your holiday home.  These are priced to make wonderful Christmas gifts, too!

Frosted glass lamps filled with strands of mini lights, painted with images of Christmas and winter.

Frosted glass lamps filled with strands of mini lights, painted with images of Christmas and winter.

The Ginger Cottage “Elf Academy” ornament is decorated on the board inside with all the things the accomplished elf must master to fulfill his or her full potential at the North Pole!  Reindeer names, reindeer games, toy categories, food groups – every topic is covered in this little school house.  Light the ornament by placing it over one the mini bulbs on your Christmas tree, through a little hole in the floor.  We love the frosty snow coating added to each little building.

Balsam wood ornament of a tiny house, lighted by placing it over a light bulb on your Christmas tree.

A prophetic pillow that really says it all….

Christmas pillow reads "When you stop believing in Santa you get underwear," and a large snowman head decoration.

Burlap is still going strong for the homespun holiday look – birds, balls, poinsettias, ribbon, and more, in all the colors of Christmas.  We love the country look, as it welcomes many textures and translations for celebrating the most wonderful time of the year.

Burlap bird, red ball, and decoupaged cowbell with heart applique Christmas ornament collection on a homespun style tree.

More “country” textures – galvanized tin walls, chicken-wire windows, cotton blooms, barnwood wall art, and a carved stag head – we’ve layered it all on for a fun take on the theme!

Galvanized metal walls with chicken-wire window pains on top make for a multilayered, textured  display of whimsical barn wall art.

Classic red barnwood walls are the perfect backdrop for a pair of gorgeous wreaths from our Floral Design team.

Christmas wreath with burlap ribbon, cardinal, and poinsettia, displayed on a red barnwood wall.

Christmas wreath with snowman, "Let It Snow" sign, and burlap ribbon and decorations, displayed on a red barnwood wall.

So many themes to show you, and only thirty-one Thursdays until Christmas!  If there’s a favorite theme you’d like to see, be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll make sure it’s covered.

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S. If you’re planning to be in Pigeon Forge on Memorial Day or the following week, don’t miss our Memorial Week Tent Sale!  We don’t do this every year, so come and get a fast start on decorations for 2016 and save a little money while you’re doing it.