Memorial Weekend Tent Sale

But you can shop all week! The tent is staying up until June 5th, and you have 9 days to save 50% on all kinds of things for your Christmas celebrations – and other items, too. We’re liquidating some home decor and spring flower inventory. Come take a peek – we can’t list everything you’ll find in the tent, there’s just too much.

Charles Viancin silicone storage solutions:

Christmas Place tent sale Memorial week - housewares selection.

Pre-made bows and ribbon sampler collections:

Christmas Place Memorial week tent sale - ribbon bundles and bows

Lawn decorations – in need of a little loving care, but oh, so fun!

Christmas Place Memorial week tent sale - Exterior elf and reindeer figures

Lemax and Department 56 lighted houses – and I think I see a cookie jar or two in there, plus a Possible Dreams and a Jim Shore Santa?

Christmas Place Memorial week tent sale - Lemax and Department 56

Pre-made floral items in glass and metal containers:

Christmas Place Memorial week tent sale - pre-made floral arrangements

Unassembled floral arrangements (wink wink!):

Christmas Place Memorial week tent sale - floral stems and arrangements

Unbreakable ornaments and glass decorations:

Christmas Place Memorial week tent sale - unbreakable ornaments, glass Christmas decorations

Just for fun .. look who was on time to work this morning – Ms. Canada Goose with two of her goslings! They love the river behind the store for a morning swim. One of the mamas has 10 babies to herd, I’ve been told – I’m hoping to see her soon.

Canada goose with two goslings

As we always say – shop early for the best selection, and shop often for new sales merchandise being put out each day! Happy first-weekend-of-summer!

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S. Even if you can’t make it to Pigeon Forge for Memorial Day, you can still order gifts in honor of your military service men and women – check our selection here.

Whats a little cardboard and styrofoam between friends?

Why, it’s a Labor Day tent sale at Christmas Place, of course!  We know you won’t mind a little of both – when we’re taking off another 40% at checkout!

As-is Christmas trees priced to move to your car!

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year, when we fill the tent with lots of clearance goodies – and not just Christmas decorations, you’ll also find all-season décor, a few toys, and who knows what else.  We’re pulling more stuff out of the truck all week long, so the selection will continue to change.  If you’re a keen shopper, you’ll find some sweet gifts in the mix.

The cash register will automatically take an additional 40% off the price of your items!

The sale will continue through Sunday, September 8th, so there’s plenty of time if you’re near enough to come and shop.  If not, check out the Sale area at – through Saturday, August 31st, everything is an additional 25% off, plus we are offering free freight for orders over $75.

Funny story from Day 1 (being…today!) .. a couple of ladies spent some time going through the tent, and in the end they discovered they could not quite fit all their purchases into the SUV – the one with the luggage carrier on top and already fairly well packed.  These darling women came back to our tent with a donation for our staff – their supply of ice-cold water bottles!  They had to edit the contents of their vehicle, and then spend a bit of time shoving and pushing and rearranging until they managed to find a corner in the car for all that they had bought – but they were determined not to leave any new treasures behind.  Our elves were so very grateful for their generous contribution to the tent sale on this hot day.

Maybe you need a striking, irridescent tree in your foyer?

Yes, we tell that story as a challenge to the true shoppers out there!  Come and see what goodies you’ll find.

Something in pink or silver?

Don’t forget a browse through the other stores while you are here.  We’ve been putting out all sorts of new products and styles for next Christmas – and there’s a gorgeous fall display in our Floral Department – more on that next week.

A peachy-pink delight for the wee little ones?

Happy Labor Day!  We hope you are able to enjoy a little extra time off, perhaps with a barbeque or picnic, and even a few fireworks on the side.  We’ll be here, spreading Christmas cheer!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  If it’s a fine, new Christmas tree you’re after this year, we are still offering free shipping to continental U.S. destinations for a few more days…  And our “Buy 2, get a 3rd free” ribbon sale is continuing in the store.

Labor Day Is Here

For those of you who love hot sweaty days, sultry nights when the air hardly moves at all, mowing the lawn twice a week, stooping in the garden for endless hours, sand sticking to your salty skin and hiding in the seams of your swimsuit, hot pavement and blistering steering wheels, and everything else that comes with the months of June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere, lattitude about 35.8490° N, 86.2272° W .. you can stop reading here.

For the rest of us, those who can’t wait for summer to pass – it’s just 127.5 hours til Labor Day!  Yay!  Football time, leaves starting to change colors, cool mornings – often misty here in the mountains, longing for it to be cool enough to turn on the furnace and get that lovely burning smell the first time around, and hot chocolate – almost here.  Okay, maybe not everyone enjoys the first firing of the furnace ..

Here at Christmas Place, Labor Day also means – Tent Sale time!

A big, white tent, stuffed with goodies at terrific sale prices.  Friday, August 31st through Sunday, September 9th – 10 whole days.  A tent full of goodies kinda like this ..

Now, we won’t have this exact stuff – these are from another year – but there is always a terrific variety of styles and themes through which to browse!  Christmas ornaments & decorations, ribbon bolts, floral stems, figurines, even wall hangings – a bit of everything.

Shhhhh!  Everything will be an extra 25% off, too!  The old adage, “the early bird catches the worm”, just might apply here.

See you this Friday – and remember, shop early, shop often – for the best deals.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. After you’ve cleaned out the tent, be sure to check out all our new spaces and new trees inside the store – we’re really excited about all the changes we’ve made this year, and we think you’ll love how we look.

Y’all, it’s gonna be a hot one!

Hot, hot weekend .. hot, hot bargains at the tent sale!  I’ve just been down scoping out the sale setup, and the scoop is that we’ll have floral stems for as little as $1 each.  I saw a big box brimming with beautiful $2 stems, and lots more.  See anything here that catches your eye?  Our Elf Associates will have it all in order for opening at 9:00 AM on Friday.

After you shop, or before, or during .. cool cool it down with ice cream!  Delivery’s coming first thing on Friday, so we’ll have plenty on hand to help you chill .. choose your flavor – or go for a fudge puppy ~ Belgian waffle dipped in chocolate fudge and topped with whipped cream .. dreamy.

Pans of fresh fudge waiting to be cut & weighed for you.

We’re bringing the big chill inside the store, too – check out the new lights going onto the big tree.  Brrrrrrrr!

It’s a winter wonderland in May on the parkway.  However you choose to celebrate Memorial Day, make it a special time!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Remember, we can’t run the tent sale on line, but you’ll find plenty of sale bargains at


Memorial Weekend Sale!

Have you ever wanted an item from one of our fabulous displays, only to be told we wouldn’t be able to sell it until the display was removed?  Well, now is your chance – we’re selling some display items – treasures we found languishing in the attic, discontinued items from the basement, and a few things in between.  If you’re in Pigeon Forge this weekend, look for the big white tent in our courtyard and come shopping!

We can’t offer these items on the internet because, in many cases, there is only one of a treasure, but we’ll have plenty of specials on line, for those of you staying close to home for the long weekend – in fact, if we have your e-mail, be on the watch for our first monthly sales flyer.  We’re going to send some extra-special offers to your in-box on the 25th of each month, starting this month.

Christmas Place honors all fallen service men, women, and animals who have given their lives so that we may enjoy freedom today.

“I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day.  I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it.  We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did.”  ~Benjamin Harrison

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  It’s going to be a warm weekend, but not to worry – Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen will help – with creamy milkshakes, scoops of ice cream, and ice-cold water & sodas!