Letters to Santa

Christmas is just 18 days away today – but there’s still time to get in a last-minute letter to Santa! Here are some recent letters to inspire your thinking for the holiday.
Vincent's first letter to Santa


Sierra's letter to Santa

And, lest you imagine otherwise, you’re never too old to write to Santa!  (Of course, we’ve changed the names so we don’t spoil the surprise!)

Comet's letter to Santa

~Janet @ Incredible Christmas Place

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Letters to Santa

Santa is at the North Pole this week (though judging from the picture he’s sending us for Facebook, we’re not totally persuaded he is there yet…), and the Christmas letters are really starting to roll in.  Some of the elves get to read through them while Santa is away, and they’ve brought a few to be shared with you.  Enjoy!

Don’t be afraid to dream big, and keep sending those letters!  And remember, as Santa will tell you, on Christmas eve he really likes sugar cookies with icing to go with his glass of milk.

~Janet @ Christmas Place


Letters to Santa

It’s not too late to get your letter in to Santa! Here’s a look at what he’s received recently…

Dear Santa,
My name is Maddie. I don’t need anything for Christmas. I have a family, food and love. I don’t need anything else this Christmas. I just want love and joy for all the kids who don’t have toys and food. I want you to give them my pressants (sic) this year.
Love, Maddie

Dear Santa,
I would like to have a pet cat for Christmas. I’ve been very good this year and donated my old toys to needy children. I have some issues with listening, but I am only 5. I promise to be good.
Love, Jayden
P.S. Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,
Ten years ago on this day on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean over Dana Point Harbor, California, we got engaged – and our lives changed forever. Two years ago while on vacation at The Inn at Christmas Place we submitted a “letter to Santa” for a new job and a new house – and you delivered! Now we’re in love and living in beautiful eastern Tennessee, happy and healthy. For Christmas, we want continued health and happiness, and a plan for successful retirement. Our best to you and Mrs. Claus and the elves. Merry Christmas!!!
Harry & Lauren

Hello Santa,
I want you to bring me a bow and arrows and a computer and a phone and a hunting set and God’s grateful love. Thank you.

Dear Santa,
I really want a slushy magic because I want to enjoy having slushies with my family and for you to help Mallory and me stop fighting every day, but just fight every few days.

Dear Santa,
Here I am again at The Inn. I have been here 4 times now and it is as beautiful as always!! Each time I have left you a letter asking for only 1 thing for Christmas. That is to pray for my husband John that we have him another Christmas. I want to Thank You because he is here with me again. You see Santa, John is battling kidney cancer with his 1st diagnosis in Nov. of 2002. It has now returned in his liver & in May of 2010 he was given 6 to 9 months. Our children gave us our 1st stay here at The Inn for our anniversary in November of 2010. That was when I first asked you to keep him with us. I know it is all in God’s hands and know you must have a special connection with God! So today again I ask you to keep him with us through another Christmas.

Dear Santa,
This is what I want for Christmas – some icing bags for icing cupcakes because I love making cupcakes and I’m pretty good at it, too! I also want some rolls of duck (sic) tape. Did you know you can make cool things with duck tape like wallets, and flowers! You can! I also want some clothes. By the way, what’s your favorite cookie? I like oatmeal raisin. Please reply!
P.S. I also want Peace on earth and love!!!!!

We hope you’ve sent in your letter, and know that Santa will do his best. We wish for you the best gift of all this Christmas – and every day – love!

Janet @ The Christmas Place

Letters to Santa

“Dear Santa,
I would like for instead of you bringing me presents, to give presents to all the boys and girls at St. Jude Children’s Hospital presents.”
Landri in West Virginia

“Dear Santa,
Our names are Holly and Tigger and we are the apples of our Mommy and Daddy’s  eyes.  We would love to have new kitty toys and catnip for Christmas.  Thank you, Santa”
Love Holly & Tigger in Iowa

“Dear Santa,
First I must apologize because I was mad at you for not bringing me a good Christmas all those years.  But now I am thankful because I have grown to appreciate the joy of Christmas and its true meaning.  I may be a grown man, but you represent everything I missed in my childhood and everything I can’t wait to give my children.  Thank you for being the Spirit of Christmas.”
Kenneth in Kentucky

“Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is:  For everyone to be happy for once.  Aunt Laura & Daddy are always fighting and I’m really tired of it!  It makes Grandma so sad.  That’s all I want.  Thanks.”
Rebecca in North Carolina

Can you get me some decor for my desk at school?  Please?  If you are, select Yes.  If you are not, select No.”
Della in Tennessee

“Dear Santa,
I have a wonderful new husband.  I’m 61 and didn’t think I would ever be happy again after my husband died.  Now we are staying here and buying a house here.  Thank you for all my Christmas past and in the future.  Bless all our children.”
Pam in Illinois

 “Dear Santa,
I would like to have some candy.  It would be nice for Jordan to give me a kiss, also.  A Santa book would be great to have.  Thanks so much!”
Bella, 6 yrs. old, in Tennessee

“Dear Santa,
You are such a popular guy – I’m 82 years old and I’ve had lots of time to wish.  You always come thru.  Thank You from my heart.  Merry Christmas.
P.S. By the way this is our 65th wedding anniversary on Dec. 14th.”

“Dear Santa,
I am an old dude who basically has all he needs for Christmas.  My wish is to help the kids in the world who need food and care.  Also if possible, please bring each kid a toy.
P.S. I still believe in you.”
Bill in Tennessee

“Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the joy you have sent to us every day since last Christmas.  It’s so exciting to see the bright lights and hear our favorite carols again!  Please send snow for Christmas this year, so we can make snow angels and snow milk.  Thank you for reminding us that, if we take the time to look around us, we can always find someone with whom to share the spirit of hope in our hearts, in good times and in bad times.  And thanks for helping us celebrate the Greatest Gift ever given.”
Clara Grace, Indiana

Merry Christmas from The Incredible Christmas Place!

Letters to Santa

Just a few to finish off the season!

Dear Santa,
We would like to have Jaelin, Parker and Lexi be on the “GOOD” list.  If you do visit us, can you please bring us the following items.
For Jaelin, “(a series of unintelligible hash marks, with maybe a Z, D, J, and W)”
For Parker – “I am thinking.”
For Lexi: – “Beanie Boos, Monster High, pengeuin iglube (sic).”

Dear Santa,
Our names are James, David, Allen, & Kaleb (names changed).  We are brothers in foster care & we are so excited to have a visit from Santa for the first time!  I hope to see your reindeer and feed them carrots!  My mom says you will know where we live now and won’t forget us.  You can bring us anything you want to!  We just love toys because we never had any new ones!

Dear Santa:
I want a batman with a big house.  Everything you have.
I love you,

Dear Santa,
I’d love some locks and keys for Christmas.  I love you!

Dear Santa,
How are you.  I have been sick.  I just go from one thing to another different (thing).  People have been praying for me.  Do you think you can find me where I live?  I live near Bardstown, the next little town over.
By by,

Santa has mailed and e-mailed (hey, he’s a 21st century dude!) all his letters back to the kids – all those that will arrive in time for Christmas – thanking them for their thoughts and good wishes and love.  As always, Santa reminds us to remember the reason for the season, and to keep saying “Ho Ho Ho!”

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Letters to Santa – the week before Christmas!

The week-before-Christmas edition, selected letters.

A little blackmail:

“Dear Santa,
I will be good if I can get a singing doll and a doll house.  I will do what Mom says.
Love, Megan”

Try reaching out to The Mrs.:

“To: Santa,
I would like a iPad that they have at Big Lots.  I love you.
PS. Tell Mrs. Claus I said I love her too.
Love you, Maggie”

Leave nothing to the possibility of mistaken selection:

And a few that we wish we had the power to fulfill!

“Dear Santa,
Wheelchair, glasses, washing machine.

“Dear Santa,
Bring my dad home safe from Kansas so I can have a good Christmas.  Thanks, Santa!
Love, Taylor”

“Dear Santa,
I have been really good this year.  This is my first Christmas.  I spent the first 102 days in the hospital.  I arrived 8 weeks early.  This year I would like Einstein movies & a big wagon & lots of love to continue to get healthy.
Thank you, Santa.
Love, Garrett (8 months old)”

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Letters to Santa

“Dear Santa,

My name is Nicholas, and I am 6-1/2 months old.  My Mimi is writing this letter to you.  In 2009, my daddy proposed to my mommy at The Inn at Christmas Place.  My daddy was the first one to ever propose to someone at this hotel.  My mommy was so surprised, and she cried and cried because you, Santa, helped surprise my mommy.  I entered this world in April, 2011.  As soon as daddy can save some money he is bringing me to see you.  Santa, my parents love you and Christmas.  That is why I am named Nicholas Richard – Nicholas for you and Richard for my grandpa.  He loves me a lot, Santa.  I won’t see you this Christmas season, but I hope to one day – maybe next year.  Last November, my daddy took my mom back to The Inn at Christmas Place for their one-year celebration of their anniversary.  Thank you for being a part of my mommy and daddy’s getting together.  They are happy, and so am I.  My Mimi has always loved Christmas, and she lives the spirit of Christmas all year long.  She and her friend Shirley come to The Inn all the time.  St. Nicholas, thank you for making so many children happy.

Love, Nicholas
in South Carolina”

We don’t have a picture of the real Nicholas, but surely he looks a lot like the happy fellow above.  We’re so glad Mimi took the time to share his charming Christmas story with us by writing a letter to Santa and leaving it at The Inn!  What a wonderful reminder that Christmas can speak to the child’s heart in each of us.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. 53 days to go!

Letters to Santa

Now that the Big Guy is back in town for the summer, we’re getting more letters – kids don’t wait around!

The Singing Santa

Hi Santa, have a Happy Easter.  Tell the Easter Bunny thanks for the candy.  You are Cool.  Tell the Tooth Fairy I probley (sic) am not going to loose any more teeth because I am 11 years old so Ya!  But Happy Easter.
Love, your best friend Vanessa
Peace Out.

Dear Santa,
I can’t wait until Christmas.  It’s in 210 days!  Are your reindeer ready to guide the sleigh?  How is James the penguin?  I want a laptop for Christmas.
Yours truly, Haley

Dear Santa,
Why r u so fat.
(signed) Bob

{Dear Bob, why don’t you want any presents for Christmas this year?}

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Anyone know who “James” is?


Letters to Santa

A very practical young man ..

“Dear Santa,

Why do you always go down the chimney?  Why don’t you use the door?

Love, Kenan”


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~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Bob Byers, Jr. will be at Christmas Place this November for a caroler signing!  We’ll soon be sharing more details, but go ahead and circle November 13th & 14th on your calendar.

Letters to Santa .. and the Easter Bunny?



Dear Santa,

Please give this to the Easter Bunny.  I want a BIG dump truck, a snow plow, a Red low boy and a blue cement mixer.  And a crane tractor.  I haven’t been very good so far this year.  My little brother is better than me.  Koen is his name.  This is the only thing I want in my whole life!



I can’t help but think that Bode just may not be a young lad .. kinda sounds like it could be a grown-up wish list for some big toys, don’t you think??

~Janet @ The Christmas Place