Around here ..

There’s some Christmas stuff happening .. and we’re having fun with it!

First up, a new Smoky Mountain mural is being painted in the breezeway, and we can’t wait to see the completed work.

Our artist, Andrea, also painted the ceiling surrounding Santa & his sleigh in the main store – so you know it’s really going to be special.

These car magnets are so cute!  What a fun way to share your love of the holidays with everyone on the road while trying to avoid those unfortunate parking space wars at the mall.  If a cheerful “Peace, Love, & Peppermint” doesn’t win you the right-of-way, maybe you need to “Raise Cane”.  I have mad love for the googly-eyed Rudolph, myself.

Now let’s really get personal.  It’s your year to celebrate the holidays at even your most private moments of the day.  Yes, we really mean it.  Even in the throne room, you can rejoice in the spirit of Christmas with .. Toilet Tattoos!  As the label says, this is “the only way to crown your throne.”  And you can buy these through our website – check out the selection of toilet seat decals. (Their pictures are a lot better than mine.)

But wait, you don’t think the Throne Room Celebration stops there, do you?  Au contraire, mes amis, it does not.  Coming soon to a room near you .. holiday toilet paper.  How festive!  How cheerful!  How unforgettable!  How convenient in case you run out of wrapping paper in the middle of the night!

But seriously, your open house guests will not soon forget the absolute commitment which you have demonstrated in making yours the most festive house on the holiday circuit this year.  Frolicking reindeer, Merry Christmas greetings – even Santa’s tush would appreciate a few spare squares of this holiday treat.  (Coming soon to our website.)  And remember, you don’t have to spend quite as much time pre-party cleaning if you slightly unscrew the light bulb and light a few candles instead.  Just a little tip from me to you.

Just a little fun for a hot holiday afternoon – in celebration of Christmas in July!  If you’re in town, bring the kids down for some fun – every Thursday through Sunday in July, we’ll have an inflated bounce slide for the kids to ride, an airplane game with free prizes, and t-shirt painting.  We’ve got a sidewalk toy sale going on, so you can get a little jump on Christmas shopping already.  Uncle Sam is visiting the store through this weekend, too.

Happy 4th of July to everyone from the elves at Christmas Place!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our Christmas In July Getaway Giveaway – the prize package (for July 2013) is valued at $1,200 – 3 nights at the hotel for up to 4 people, dining at the restaurant, and shopping cards both for our website and while you’re in the store – and a whole lot more.  You can increase your chances of winning by entering once a day through July 31st, or come to one of our businesses and fill out an entry form.

How we do the 4th!

Well, I don’t know how you do the 4th of July around your place, but here’s the way we do it – with a real fire-cracker of a tree!

Patriotic Tree

Our county is adjacent to the most populated county in the area – and we sell fireworks here, but they don’t sell them next door, so we always have a reminder that the 4th is coming – when the fireworks tents start to pop up everywhere.  Don’t the shooting stars and striped streamers on this tree look like fireworks?  What a great way to enjoy your Christmas tree in July (you really don’t have to keep it boxed up 11 months of the year).  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

We used white poinsettias as focal points on the tree.

Uncle Sam Nutcrackers are gorgeous in this tree!

What a tree top!

Dori, one of our floral design team, really set the bar high with this colorful, patriotic themed tree.  The ornaments on this tree, as well as several other patriotic and military themed ornaments, are available here.

If you’re looking for a great place to vacation over the 4th, we’re doing our annual extravaganza at The Inn at Christmas Place – check out our complete calendar of Christmas in July events for hotel guests.  There will be something for everyone throughout the month.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. How do you celebrate the 4th at your house?

The Bunny was here!

Did you catch sight of the Easter Bunny at Christmas Place last weekend?  He had a great time handing out treats and taking pictures with the kids!

A true fan, this little darling followed the bunny all around the courtyard.

As we like to say around here, the bunny loves both the young and the young-at-heart!

I’ll take the egg, but I’m not so sure about this big white thing!

See you next year, Easter Bunny!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Next up, watch for Santa & Mrs. Clause – and who knows who else might join them on the float in the Dolly parade in May?!

Valentine’s Yummies!

Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen has the freshest Valentine’s sweets in Pigeon Forge!  Feast your eyes on our selection of goodies:  Chocolate & candy dipped apples with heart sprinkles, chocolate covered pretzels, cherries dipped in white, dark, or milk chocolate, a chocolate-and-candy covered cherry bonbon, and a variety of Ritz Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Oreo cookies covered in chocolate and heart sprinkles!

Even now, they are dipping fresh, sweet strawberries in chocolate.  You know you have time to stop on your way home today…

Happy Valentines Day Eve!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Valentine Beauty

About 2 weeks ago, our floral designer Dori showed me this beautiful custom wreath she created for a guest for Valentines.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  White willow wreath decorated with velvet magnolias and heart ornaments, ribbon, and greenery.  What an elegant decoration for a home or business. 

If you’d like to give it a go yourself, we have the ornaments, flowers, wreath, & ribbons on our site:

All you need to add is the hot glue, hard work, and creativity!  Or, you could call Dori.  I think I’d call Dori.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Would you like to share a gourmet goody basket with your sweetie for Valentines?  The Inn at Christmas Place will have 2 baskets available for cash & carry after February 7th.  Here’s a picture of the larger basket:

The baskets will be filled with a variety of chocolates and treats, such as red raspberry hearts, chocolate covered pretzels, cheese straws, shortbread, heart-shaped truffles, and more, packaged in a red basket and tied up with beautiful Valentines bows.  Small – $40.00; large (pictured) – $60.00.  Just stop at the front desk of the hotel to pick up your basket – and remember to add a card .. and remember to sign the card ..

(We use nut-free products in our baskets.)

The S(pring) Word!

It’s on the way!  I know you may be thinking winter has just begun, but keep hope in your heart!  We’ve just added two spring displays in the store, and it has perked us up quite a bit.  Enjoy this early breeze…..

It’s the invasion of the bunnies!  Department 56 released an adorable collection of bunnies this year, similar to those cute Snowpinions snowmen.  We have Dottie bunnies in small, medium, & large, each sporting a pink-and-brown polka dot grosgrain collar or skirt.  Notice that Dottie has either blue or brown eyes – we have some of both.  Large Dottie is the perfect size to be the centerpiece for your holiday decorations.

There’s also a darling little Dottie bunny basket, perfect for filling with petite chocolate eggs & Easter treats!

In the middle of the picture above you can see the small Dotties wrapped up in plastic like the delicious little goodies they are!

Of course, there’s also a collection of limited-edition Snowbunnies collectibles for the season, like this pink-cheeked charmer, “Sheepish.”

Who could say “no” to that face??  Check out the Double Bunny Hop, too – love those rainbow colors.

Did you also notice the colorful silk flowers, Easter baskets, and decorations we have available for a limited time?  These are in-store purchase only right now, but you can place an order with our customer service team at 1-800-445-3396, extension 2.

These peonies went home with me shortly after this picture was taken!

Also, take a look at these hanging flower vases in the tree – two sizes, and they could hang just about anywhere, thanks to their long attaching loops.  We’ve filled them with silks, of course, but the sturdy glass sleeve inside holds water for live blooms.  I found the small vase in our on-line store, so click on the photo – it’s on sale for only $2.97.

So join us in thinking SPRING already!  The sun has come out after a few rainy days, and we’re planning a fabulous weekend, whatever the temperature may be.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Up next – spring colors from Vera Bradley, too!

Have you seen the Angel?

We’ve been blessed by visits from an angel this season, and I’d like to share some of her experiences with you, in her own words.

“October 24, 2011

-My first day as an angel…..Kristy, another employee and I are talking when I ‘feel’ someone staring at me. I turn and a lone woman sitting on a bench inside the store is watching me intently. I am drawn to her. “Excuse me,” I say to my companions and walk in her direction. 

Introducing myself, I ask if she’s been ‘touched by an angel recently.’ She takes my hand, almost gratefully, but seems to be having trouble speaking and has tears in her eyes. Another woman, her sister, appears and tells me that they have both just recently lost another beloved sister. They tell me that Christmas Place was the departed sister’s all-time favorite store to visit and that this third sister collected angels. They said that seeing me there was almost a sign, for them, that everything was all right….

I have a  Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and some experience in grief counseling but more importantly, I have the Holy Spirit.  I spoke quietly with the two women, who left smiling. I hope I helped….

 -One of my favorite things to do is talk to children. The littlest ones who might be somewhat afraid of Santa don’t seem to be afraid of me and many will eagerly approach me as they might a Disney princess. Some will break free of their parents to run and hug me. Some will stop dead in their tracks as they spot me. One little boy continued walking behind the adults but his eyes were glued to me. As the adults stopped, he failed to notice and ran into them. I suppressed a giggle and waved to him from my position on the landing.

Sometimes I’ll offer folks a fluffy, white feather and I’m often asked to pose for a picture with a child or children. At times, I’ll get down to their level and ask, wide-eyed, if they’re angels too. Some will absolutely assure me that they are indeed. Often a nearby parent will beg to differ.

I also enjoy the teens. The teen-age years are such a roller-coaster, often involving way more questions than answers. So many adopt a jaded and world-weary attitude at such a young age that I worry about them. But I have been able to ‘engage’ most, through humor, direct eye contact and of course, the miracle of Christmas itself. Christmas Place celebrates the joy of the season all year long and that spirit seems to permeate and penetrate even the most hardened souls.”

Have you seen our angel?  I don’t have a picture of her .. but I have more stories to tell.  Stay tuned!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

What’s going on at Christmas Place today?

Glad you asked!  Train rides, cookie decorating, popcorn & hot apple cider & hot cocoa.  A brand new tree lot – shipping is free for all trees 7′ and taller!  Love the scent of the wood fire in the courtyard.  And then, a visit from two Snowbabies, helping us celebrate their 25th anniversary with some special store promotions.

Hey, you haven’t missed it yet!  Come back on Saturday – we promise to do it all again – and maybe add a few more surprises!  (Rudolph in the house!)

Our 15″ Guage Live Steam Engine Train

(Free cup of cocoa for kids 10 & under if they will decorate their own cup!)

(Free bow when you purchase a Christmas tree!)

This litte Snowbaby has wings!

And this little Snowbaby has a backpack!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Letters to Santa .. and the Easter Bunny?



Dear Santa,

Please give this to the Easter Bunny.  I want a BIG dump truck, a snow plow, a Red low boy and a blue cement mixer.  And a crane tractor.  I haven’t been very good so far this year.  My little brother is better than me.  Koen is his name.  This is the only thing I want in my whole life!



I can’t help but think that Bode just may not be a young lad .. kinda sounds like it could be a grown-up wish list for some big toys, don’t you think??

~Janet @ The Christmas Place





March Madness

I know for some people that means basketball, and you know who you are, and you know the tournaments are waaaaay toooooo loooooong.  Seriously.  Even if we do carry an ornament of Santa playing basketball.  And we need college football tournaments!

For the rest of us, it means spring is coming, and daffodils are blooming (even as the snow is falling!), and we’re dreaming of Spring Break, wherein we take our sad, pale selves to places where the sun is shining all day long and there might even be occasions to break a little sweat while sitting perfectly still for long periods of time.

Today, it also means going after a little bit of Irish fun!  Wait, I have to say “a little bit o’ Irish fun”, don’t I?  We’ve just added a new theme to our site, and you’ll enjoy checking it out. 

That really is the cutest little Charming Tails mouse!  And I love all that fresh green stuff – it just perks up the whole day.  And just this morning, in a pure coincidence of the most unvarnished kind, I heard the Celtic Yuletide cd playing in the store, and even though it is March I hunted it down and am purchasing a copy for myself.  So this is a really good theme, I tell ya.  And I’m Irish.  I should know.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. I also know that we need a national collegiate football playoff.