I’m sorry to be in such a rush…

but it’s been a long hot summer, and I’m just so very ready for FALL!  Yes, our Labor Day tent sale is still in progress (everything is now 40% off!), but I’m very tired of hot weather, not to mention {having to mow my lawn}, and I am ready for a shift in temperatures and temperaments.

Here’s a decorating idea from our design team at Christmas Place – turn an old chandelier into a fall display filled with color and pumpkins (and glitter).  Since this doesn’t actually involve illumination, no electricity is needed, just a great place to hang a beautiful arrangement.  Let your creative juices flow and consider hanging one inside a book case, in a stairwell, on the porch, …you take it from here…

Pumpkin Chandelier

We’d love to see what you have done to decorate interesting architectural pieces – send us a photo or upload one on our Facebook or Pinterest pages so we can all be inspired by your shared creativity.

Before I go, reason #11.C why I love East Tennessee:  morning mists in my valley.  Today the mists were all the way up to my neighbor’s roof line when I first looked out, and halfway up the valley by the time I left the house.  It’s a magical sight to start the day.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Watch for more photos of decorations hanging from the ceiling – the designers are doing a lot of that this year!

Hope Black Bear Ornament

We learned over the weekend that customers are snapping up this black bear ornament in honor of Hope, a black bear that was part of a research study on the bear population in Minnesota.  Hope traveled with her mother, Lily, and another cub named Faith – but always managed to get out of her tracking collar.  She was legally shot by a hunter sometime last month.    Read more about the story here.

We enjoy a sizeable black bear population here in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park area, too.  According to The Park’s website, this is “one of the few places remaining in the eastern United States where black bears can live in wild, natural surroundings.”  Our bears have been very active this year, and it is awesome – and fearsome – to see them enjoying the land.  A mama and cub sighting is the best, but can be the most dangerous, too.

When you visit Pigeon Forge & Christmas Place, be sure to schedule time for a drive or a hike in our national park – leaf season is coming on, and it’s going to be a beautiful fall!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Fall for Tuesday!

Oh, yes, fall has arrived!  And the people are rejoicing!  Several of us mentioned the need for a light jacket this morning, and we may even get  overnight temperatures in the 40s next week.  Yippee!  We’re received some good, soaking rains in the last few days, and if we get enough of that, the leaves will come out beautifully for us.

And so, on a fall theme, I have today fall colors from Vera Bradley, and fall treats from Mrs. Claus’ Candy Kitchen to entice to you come for a visit.

Check out the just-released colors – my particular favorite is Buttercup, the first on the left, followed in order in the picture by Twirly Birds Navy, Twirly Birds Pink, Baroque, and Versailles.  (Of course, in Indiana where Vera Bradley is headquartered, it is pronounced Ver-sails.  Just so you know.)

Vera Bradley Fall Colors

As before, they have also interpreted these prints with a slight twist in the Frills collection, laminated fabrics with a kicky kind of style.  I love the Lunch Bunch bags!  It’s all such fun stuff.

Frill in Curly Bird Pink

Frills in Buttercup & Baroque

It’s time for pumpkin fudge at the Candy Kitchen!  I took a super-close photo so you can see the spices in the mix – isn’t it lovely?  All that sweet-and-spicy goodness waiting to be enjoyed.

While you’re sampling the fudge, keep your fingers crossed that there’s an iced cookie in the case .. look at that happy pumpkin sprinkle on top!

Glorious Fall!  How we love your cool nights, misty mornings, and warm afternoons.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Yes, I did get to sample the items in today’s photos.  In fact, I’m also picking up the Buttercup Lunch Bunch!