Department 56 2011 Collectibles

We’ve added all the new Department 56 collectibles to our web site for pre-sale – the items won’t arrive until later in the spring, but you can make sure to get just what you want by placing your order now.

Seems like I might be turning into a Winters Frost collector myself.  I just love the new church, Holy Night Church, with the nativity scene on the lawn, and the new cottage with a happy little snowman in the front yard.  The “Hidden Pond Warming House” is quite charming, too – I’m picturing hunters or ice fishers stretching their legs in front of a blazing fire inside .. yes, I know there’s a fire pit outside, but I’d still rather be INSIDE on a cold night!

Hidden Pond Warming House

Cottagewood Bungalow

Holy Night Church

Did you see the Snowpinions collection last year?  Cutest little snowmen ornament series – had to get one of each, of course … we have a lot of new styles this year, and some accessory pieces – mugs, cookie jar, and a set of four mini plates that are the best!

I see seven new houses in the Dickens’ Village collection – that’s enough for a whole new street, isn’t it?

There are many more new pieces in the line, and you’ll enjoy browsing our site for all the “New!” tags.  Also, we’ve added a Facebook “Like” button to all our items – so you can spread the word to your friends about the pieces you want to put on your wish list this year.

As always, we’d love to see photos of your own village display – share them on our forum or Facebook page, please!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Department 56 News

Artist Signing

Dept 56 Designer Scott Enter

Scott Enter heads the creative team that designs all the Department 56 villages, and he developed the latest concept, “Winters Frost” – those lovely, beautifully frosted,  lighted buildings that come on a base with appropriate trees and extras.  I love them – especially the new cottage & the church!

Scott also enjoys figuring out how to add lights, animation, and sound to villages, and he’s looking forward to meeting our guests and finding out what they’d like to see in their villages – this means YOU.  Come with your questions and your brilliant suggestions – creativity starts with you, you know!  Saturday, November 13th, 2010, 1 to 4 pm.  We’ll be giving away two door prizes.

Department 56 Secondary Market

On Saturday & Sunday, November 13th & 14th, we’re hosting our annual Secondary Market sale for Department 56 collectors, in our courtyard tent.  This is when private collectors bring their own pieces to sell or trade with others.  It’s a great opportunity to find out-of-production pieces to complete your own collection.  We also have a couple of tables still available to rent, if you have some pieces you’d like to sell.

The New Gift Sets Are In!

We’ve received our inventory of the new Department 56 gift sets, those special sets that include a building and an accessory piece for a super low price.  Follow the link above, and you’ll find them all pictured on the right side of the page (conveniently located below our “free shipping on D56 orders” ad!).  This is the cutest of the new lot ~ Peppermint Pete’s Candy Factory for your North Pole Village!

Peppermint Pete’s Gift Set

Department 56 Retirements 2010

We have the hot little list in our hands, but you know how it is .. we could tell you today, but then we’d have to kill you, and that’s just not good for business!  We’ll announce the retirements tomorrow, so stay tuned – they’ll be flagged on our shopping site, and you’ll have a chance to buy up the last of our inventory.

So, have you started making room for your village yet this year?  I’ve also been snatching up these adorable Snowpinion snowmen from D56.  Ornaments, figurines, and night lights – with these cute little faces – what’s not to love!

We’ve just received a new shipment of Department 56 collectibles, so we’ll be well-stocked for the signing.  Make plans to come to the store a week from Saturday, meet the designer and have your selections signed, and tour our beautiful village displays.  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to tell you about their own displays, too – they have learned a lot over the years, and enjoying sharing their own tips for decorating for the holidays with your lighted houses and accessories.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place 

Snowbaby Giveaway!

Are you a Snowbabies fan?  This charming colletion of porcelain bisque figurines representing the innocence of childhood fun in a gentle, wintery style has been around for almost 20 years.  In themes from Animals, Christmas and Hobbies to Love & Friendship and more,  they are perfect for sharing memories of special times, whether given as gifts or collected for yourself.

We’re giving away a grand Snowbaby figurine on August 15th!  Click here to enter our sweepstakes.  You may enter once a day during the sweepstakes period, and the winner will be notified by e-mail.

Good luck!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Two for Tuesday

On a theme of two .. Department 56 has just released “the best accessory Christmas tree set in the history of Department 56″, to quote our D56 lead.  So, I took a video of them.  And they ARE cute and colorful and brilliant!


See what I mean?  According to the expert, though, it’s not the changing colors and cute spiral design that make them brilliant, it’s the fact that they have really long, separate (but attached to one plug) cord leads – so you can easily position them in two distant locations within your village display.  There’s an easy on/off switch on the cord, too.  I just covered it up with some artificial snow for the movie.

Christmas Place has been chosen to help debut in 2010 three pieces from a brand new collection they’ve created with Disney, Mickey’s Christmas VillageMickey’s Tree House, Minnie’s Dinner, and Donald Duck’s Firehouse  are available only from us ~ you might want to preorder yours now to ensure delivery this fall!  Younger children would really enjoy setting up and playing with this Disney village at Christmas time.  (Grandparents, are you looking for a collection to start with your favorite grandkids??) 

Department 56 will likely be limiting the number of pieces added to this line, which includes many accessory figurines as well.  (Note how I cleverly slipped in those two cute trees again!  They work!)

It’s a rainy Tuesday in Tennessee .. so glad I mowed the lawn yesterday ..

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Christmas Village Display

Do you go all-out with your lighted Village display at Christmas time?  Why else would you collect the houses if you didn’t intend to enjoy them yourself and show them off during the holidays ~ or any time of year? 

One of our long time associates here at Christmas Place, Miss Phyllis, brought in photos of her own Village collection as displayed in her home last year.  The display reaches almost to the top of her window frame, and includes an elevated mountain-scape above a train track.  She created the entire landscape herself, carving and painting the mountains, tunnel, and archways.  I think you’ll agree, she put together a really beautiful scene!

I think the skiers up at Whistler would be wishing for such snow-covered slopes!  I asked Phyllis if her family helps with this, and she says no, it is entirely her own project.  What a talented and creative lady she is. 

Thanks for sharing your photos and your inspiration with us, Phyllis!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Department 56 Village Display

Our thanks today to Mary C. of Desoto, Texas, for sharing photographs of her extensive Dept. 56 Village collection and display!  It must be a real joy and a labor of love for her to assemble such a detailed presentation for the holidays.  (I didn’t have a chance to speak with her myself, but I’m guessing this is a Christmas display, not out year round.)  We hope you enjoy these images.

I’m a particular fan of this last scene, and the blue stream flowing through the center of town!

We’d love to see your Village displays, too.  We have a place on the forum for your photos,, or you may share them with us on Facebook, or send them to me and I’ll post them here on the blog.  It’s fun to get ideas and compare collections with other collectors!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place