Cowboy Christmas

Greetings, Y’all!  There’s so much to show and tell about Christmas Place this season that I’m having a really difficult time deciding where to start.  But pick a point I must, so I’m starting with our Cowboy Christmas tree.  You will find our western-themed ornaments at this link.  As for our tree, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.  (Be sure to click on your favorite pictures to show the full image.)

Start by building a fire at the base of your tree – with flickering lights, please, not matches!  No tree skirt needed for this tree.

Pile on the chili pepper lights (we hang them in bunches, rather than stringing them out), rustic ribbon, wild berries and more.  Finish with a lasso at the top.

Our lasso extends along the wall to support additional greenery and highlight these beautiful, rustic crosses.

An assortment of cowboy-themed ornaments and accents fill out this charming tree! We even added a few “campfires” in the tree.

 You’ll probably want to include a cowboy nutcracker in your tree, too – someone’s got to ride herd on all those terrific decorations!

Notice that we used a slim-line, long-needle pine for our western tree (it’s temporarily out of stock, but we are expecting more to arrive shortly) – it doesn’t take up much room, but will accommodate loads of decorations.

What’s your favorite Christmas decorating theme?  I’ll be sure to feature all your requests.

~ Janet @ The Christmas Place

Around here ..

There’s some Christmas stuff happening .. and we’re having fun with it!

First up, a new Smoky Mountain mural is being painted in the breezeway, and we can’t wait to see the completed work.

Our artist, Andrea, also painted the ceiling surrounding Santa & his sleigh in the main store – so you know it’s really going to be special.

These car magnets are so cute!  What a fun way to share your love of the holidays with everyone on the road while trying to avoid those unfortunate parking space wars at the mall.  If a cheerful “Peace, Love, & Peppermint” doesn’t win you the right-of-way, maybe you need to “Raise Cane”.  I have mad love for the googly-eyed Rudolph, myself.

Now let’s really get personal.  It’s your year to celebrate the holidays at even your most private moments of the day.  Yes, we really mean it.  Even in the throne room, you can rejoice in the spirit of Christmas with .. Toilet Tattoos!  As the label says, this is “the only way to crown your throne.”  And you can buy these through our website – check out the selection of toilet seat decals. (Their pictures are a lot better than mine.)

But wait, you don’t think the Throne Room Celebration stops there, do you?  Au contraire, mes amis, it does not.  Coming soon to a room near you .. holiday toilet paper.  How festive!  How cheerful!  How unforgettable!  How convenient in case you run out of wrapping paper in the middle of the night!

But seriously, your open house guests will not soon forget the absolute commitment which you have demonstrated in making yours the most festive house on the holiday circuit this year.  Frolicking reindeer, Merry Christmas greetings – even Santa’s tush would appreciate a few spare squares of this holiday treat.  (Coming soon to our website.)  And remember, you don’t have to spend quite as much time pre-party cleaning if you slightly unscrew the light bulb and light a few candles instead.  Just a little tip from me to you.

Just a little fun for a hot holiday afternoon – in celebration of Christmas in July!  If you’re in town, bring the kids down for some fun – every Thursday through Sunday in July, we’ll have an inflated bounce slide for the kids to ride, an airplane game with free prizes, and t-shirt painting.  We’ve got a sidewalk toy sale going on, so you can get a little jump on Christmas shopping already.  Uncle Sam is visiting the store through this weekend, too.

Happy 4th of July to everyone from the elves at Christmas Place!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Don’t forget to enter our Christmas In July Getaway Giveaway – the prize package (for July 2013) is valued at $1,200 – 3 nights at the hotel for up to 4 people, dining at the restaurant, and shopping cards both for our website and while you’re in the store – and a whole lot more.  You can increase your chances of winning by entering once a day through July 31st, or come to one of our businesses and fill out an entry form.

Y’all, it’s gonna be a hot one!

Hot, hot weekend .. hot, hot bargains at the tent sale!  I’ve just been down scoping out the sale setup, and the scoop is that we’ll have floral stems for as little as $1 each.  I saw a big box brimming with beautiful $2 stems, and lots more.  See anything here that catches your eye?  Our Elf Associates will have it all in order for opening at 9:00 AM on Friday.

After you shop, or before, or during .. cool cool it down with ice cream!  Delivery’s coming first thing on Friday, so we’ll have plenty on hand to help you chill .. choose your flavor – or go for a fudge puppy ~ Belgian waffle dipped in chocolate fudge and topped with whipped cream .. dreamy.

Pans of fresh fudge waiting to be cut & weighed for you.

We’re bringing the big chill inside the store, too – check out the new lights going onto the big tree.  Brrrrrrrr!

It’s a winter wonderland in May on the parkway.  However you choose to celebrate Memorial Day, make it a special time!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Remember, we can’t run the tent sale on line, but you’ll find plenty of sale bargains at


Department 56 Snow Village

Our Department 56 diva has begun setting up the new village pieces for 2012.  I thought I’d offer a sneak peek at what she has been up to, starting with Snow Village.  Please don’t tell her I did this, because I know she’s not totally finished yet and she may try to hide my beloved camera from me for this!

(It helps to have some terrific artists on staff for the backgrounds.)

We know that some of you keep your villages on display all year round, too, not just at Christmas.  If you’ve had fun with a particular display, share your tips with us and the rest of our readers.  It’s amazing how creative you can be with these lighted houses and accessories.  I’m a fan of the tall bookcase with houses interspersed among books and other collectibles on the shelves.

We’re planning to film a brief video demonstration of each village collection (brief, ha!  Have you ever gotten that girl started talking about all she knows about D56?!) to offer to our viewers in a few weeks.  If there’s something in particular you’d like to know more about, leave your request in the comments and we will put it on the production list.  She’s promised to share some designer secrets that you can easily do at home.  Then you can send us your own village pics for our customer scrapbook (over on Facebook).

And speaking of Department 56, the date has been set for our artist signing this year – Scott Enter will visit the store on Saturday, November 3rd, from 12:30 to 3 p.m.  We’ll also have our Secondary Market tent sale for retired pieces on Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 3-4th.  If you’d like to rent a table and bring your collection to sell, call Teresa Hughes at 800-445-3396, extension 148.  There is still space available right now.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Remember, please don’t tell her that I showed you these pictures – but feel free to steal any of our ideas!

A Quirky Take on Christmas

If your Christmas style tips to the non-traditional side of the scale, have you discovered the Patience Brewster collection?  No surprise, I happen to love these crazy Christmas ornaments and decorations!  We’ve just received the new 2012 pieces – here are a couple of cuties.

Cupid's Heart Elf


French Maid Hen

To add to the fun, through the end of April we have a sweepstakes going to win this Shepherd with Lambs figurine set:

Shepherd with Lambs

 Click here to enter the contest.  The set is valued at $89.99; one entry per person per day, please, and there are some other Important Legal Notifications, but you’ll see them on the contest link page.

Okay, one more cute ornament before I go:

Dasher Elf

So cute it’s nutty!  Or did I get that backwards??

Wait – wait – wait – I just got an update – FREE SHIPPING on the 2012 items, too!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. When you search our site, notice when there is a field on the left side that says “Release Date.”  If you’re looking for something brand new, or something a little older, you can try that filter to narrow your search.

25 Days til Christmas – 25 Days of Giveaways!

We outta know – we’ve been counting down!  To celebrate, and to round off our 25th wonderful year of Christmas every day – we’re giving away $25 each day between now and Christmas to one lucky Sweepstakes winner!

We’re kicking off the celebration by giving away this fabulous pre-lit tree.  Click on the image to go right to the contest link.

Come back each day through December 5th to enter the tree drawing – we’re giving the tree away on Tuesday, December 6th, so we’ll have time to mail it to the winner in time for Christmas decorating.  Starting tomorrow (Friday), you can also enter to win our daily $25 on-line gift certificate – we’re determined to help make your Christmas a little bit jollier this year!

 ~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. And when are you going to start sharing pictures of your trees with us on Facebook?  I know some of you already have them up and decorated!

Just in time for Christmas!

Gift cards!  Did we yet  tell you that you can now purchase gift cards from us on-line?  We offer them in denominations to fit every budget – click the image below to see all your choices.

When you’re not sure exactly what to get, a gift card is a great choice – as long as you wrap it very nicely, please!  With the selection and variety Christmas Place and have to offer, I’m sure there is someone on your list who would love to get creative with us.

AND – you can also buy gift cards for a visit to our hotel – the ultimate gift for a really special holiday – or get-away any time of the year.  Learn all about us here.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Christmas trees! More Christmas trees! (part C)

.. did you run out for a cup of hot chocolate or cider?  Because more trees -coming at you now ..

A white ballerina tree, glittering with white crystal-like leaf sprays and sparkling ribbons.  (I think guests may be harvesting ornaments from this tree already!)

Right next to it, our ‘tween tree, a lavender dream filled with Hello Kitty lights, texting cell phones, Converse All Stars, high heels & Uggs.

Y’all, I am just mad for these pink and blue flowers!

Are you more of a traditionalist?  Here’s a spectacular red-and-green composition.

What the..?  Alright, who’s the smarty pants who thinks they should be rewarded with a big slice of cake after all that tree-decorating inspiration??  Calling The Partridge & Pear for take-out, are you?!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. That cake number is 865-868-0575 ..

P.S.S. Sorry about the “y’all” – I was just over in The Boutique and they have a cute new collection of Southern Sass T-shirts!

Christmas trees! More Christmas trees! (part 2)

Enjoy some more …

Wouldn’t everyone use barbed wire on their Western Christmas tree?   (I think it’s made of leather, actually.)

Check out the pheasants in the top of the tree:

This one was one of the hardest to photograph – it is so very sparkly, from the stems added as decorations to the foil accents and multitude of light strands and lighted stems – it sparkles much more than I can show here.  Someone catch that Elf before he falls off the top hat!

Do you see the reindeer flying a plane out of the middle of the tree?  I’ll help with another photo:

Poor girl has lost a propeller blade!  I hope it’s around to be reattached.

Santa’s helping the elf jesters and getting into the decorating spirit!

I really love the swirly red & green stems!


Janet @ The Christmas Place

Christmas trees! More Christmas trees! (part 1)


Do you suppose there really is a green tree under there somewhere?

You, too, can suspend snowflakes from the ceiling – just need a little cup hook!  These things weigh almost nothing.

Now I see – it’s a flocked green tree.

Just next door, a snowman tree:

The snowflakes in this tree are really glittery white – it surprised me when they showed pink in the photograph – there’s more color in white than we might see.  I wonder if I could get them to look blue from another angle.

 Okay, I’ll stop here for now so the system doesn’t crash & burn.  Follow on…

~Janet @ The Christmas Place