Woodland Christmas Tree 2016

Another new Christmas tree was completed this week – our Woodland theme tree.  Take a little tour of our Woodland tree and enjoy the natural colors and textures of the forest for your Christmas tree.  A large deer in front, a burlap and natural fiber cabin, and whimsical forest gnomes provide visual focal points amid an overall scheme of forest birds and wildlife, also in natural fibers.  We think you’ll enjoy adding some natural touches to your own holiday displays – and be sure you see the wreaths our floral team created to complement the theme!

Some of the items featured in the tree may be found here:

[Bristle Woodland Animals]     [Bristle Twig Owl]

[Natural Sisal Owl]     [Burlap Bristle Owl]

[Mini Fur Raccoon]     [Deer-Fawn Ornament]

[Reindeer Ornament]     [Vintage Star Ornament]

[Pinecone Branch Ribbon]     [Woodland Theme Collection]

Second Look

Here are a couple of the photos from the video for a closer look.

Burlap cabin and natural fiber owl

Deer carving and Woodland Gnome

Woodland Wreath

We have more trees to go in our annual decorating re-do, so stay tuned and come back for more!

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S.  Our Labor Day tent sale is still going strong – new merchandise is being put out every day, as we have room to display – so come on back to the parking lot and see what bargains might be just right for your Christmas decorating dreams!

Christmas Trees 2016 – “Christmas Cabin”

Our newest Christmas tree theme in the store is already a favorite with elves and guests alike.  The Christmas Cabin theme has a very vintage feel, with classic images of Santa, reindeer ornaments, and snowmen.  We’ve paired a crazy steer made from recycled parts to the mix, along with a classic wooden sled and lots of lights.  This tree has more lights than any similarly-sized tree we’ve ever offered – and it’s quite a show-stopper!

Complimenting the tree decorations is a new collection of dishes, mugs, and flour-sack towels that everyone who loves snowmen will have to have – four different works of snowman art are featured on the two sizes of plates, oversized mugs, and towels.  There’s also a plush snowman wearing a holly wreath necklace and warm ear muffs who’ll keep you company all winter.

Did you notice that we used a tin wash tub on legs as the stand for this tree?  Lots of room underneath for plenty of presents to be dreamed about on Christmas eve.

We hope you enjoy this little Christmas tree tour.  More tree videos will soon be posted, as we have 25 trees to cover this year.

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place


Silver and Gold Make A Beautiful Christmas Tree

We call it “Christmas in Aspen,” this elegant showcase tree near the front door.  For the ultimate glitz and glamour, mix all the precious metal colors plus crystal, white, and a touch of green – they compliment each other so well.  For whimsy, add a touch of faux fur!  Our designers show us once again that we can be fearless in the elements we bring together for decorating the Christmas tree – as long as it makes us happy.


How brilliantly copper, bronze, gold, silver, platinum, and even a touch of iron work together on this swankiest of Christmas trees.  The unusual brown and burlap poinsettias together with a sprinkling of unpainted wood and neutral-tone glass ornaments add a grounded note amidst all the sparkle and shine.


Gold-silver tree14

Gold-silver tree13

Gold-silver tree2

Gold-silver tree5

Gold-silver tree8

Gold-silver tree4

Are you bold enough to give this style a try?  Whatever your style, we’ve got what you need to take your Christmas tree(s) to the next level on the “wow” scale!

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S. Labor Day Tent Sale is fast approaching – less than three weeks!  September 2nd through the 18th.  Are you coming?

Black bear positioned as a decoration in the Christmas tree.

Smoky Mountains Christmas Tree

Those of you who know us know that this is redecorating season, as we make room for all the new decorations arriving daily for Christmas.  The Smoky Mountain room is moving to the end of the hall and receiving a gorgeous makeover – but it’s still under construction for a time. Here’s a sneak peek at what the designers have been up to this week. (Click the link above to see the Smoky Mountain selection on our website.)

Do you recognize this wall? No, you don’t – it’s brand new!

Interior wall newly resurfaced with rough wood siding and large windows.

There’s our big, carved, Smoky Bear, taking donations for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  And yes, there’s an outhouse back there..wonder what’s inside?  Maybe later…here’s the tree – with plaid-clad elves, a plaid reindeer, and a colorful ski lodge theme.

Decorated Christmas tree in a mountain ski lodge theme with plaid reindeer and elves.

Plaid reindeer with branches for antlers, decorating a Christmas tree.

Large elf in Christmas tree with fur-lined sweater and plaid ski pants.

Merry Christmas ornament in the Christmas tree.

Black bear positioned as a decoration in the Christmas tree.

Wood-look mounted deer's head as a Christmas tree decoration.

Paradise…it says “Just Another Day In Paradise!”

Merchandise display of black bears and rustic signs.

A bird in the hand is worth two on the branch?  We’re changing that to “put another bird in your shopping basket, honey, y’all can’t have too many birds!”  Under construction…

Birds perched on lighted branches, the beginnings of a new display.

And finally, we’ll leave you with this:  any guesses as to what this will become?  Only time will tell the story!

Birch trees lined up against a wall, with a large wooden spool in front - soon to be a new merchandise display for something fun.

We love where you’re going with your design, team! I’ll be back later in the summer with more pictures of our Smoky Mountain room. I hope you’ll come to see it for yourself, too!

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S.  This is the final weekend of our tent sale – still lots of great stuffing going under the big top every day – come and shop before it ends on Sunday, June 5th!