Gumdrop Tree

Have you got a sweet tooth, especially around Christmas?  Our tasty Gumdrop Tree should satisfy your cravings!

Gumdrop Christmas Tree

Gumdrop Christmas Tree

Gumdrop Tree 3

How about tucking a cute little story-telling bear into your Christmas tree?  Looks like Teddy drifts away for his long winter’s nap with a stuffed kitty to keep him company.

Gumdrop Tree 4

Our clever design team hot-glued tasty cupcake and gingerbread house ornaments to a cake stand and anchored that in another section of the tree.

Gumdrop Tree 5

The bright red and green fluted items in the tree are giant cupcakes!

Gumdrop Tree 6

Gumdrop Tree 7

Gumdrop Tree 8

Gumdrop Tree 9

They’ve used real candy in the tree too – the Whirly Pops and spiral candy cane will be enjoyed long after the holiday, no doubt.

Gumdrop Tree 10

A personal favorite of mine is the strands of pink and yellow popsicle lights woven through the tree.

When you’ve loaded all the goodies on the Christmas tree, add a Gumdrop Snowman to your decor as the finishing touch (well, except for all the packages, of course)!

Gumdrop Snowman

Now that’s a sweet extravaganza for Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Feathered Friends Tree 2009

It’s another flocked Christmas tree, this one decorated with all sorts of birds.  Some are quite realistic, others are more naturalistic, all are very beautiful.  The decoration on this tree was completed by our talented custom floral department.  Enjoy!

2010 Feathered Friends Bird Tree

2010 Feathered Friends Bird Tree

Bird tree 2

Did you notice the deer resting in the boughs of this Christmas tree?
Bird tree deer 2

Bird tree deer 3

My favorite, the adorable Snowy Owl!  Just above him to the right, notice the funny little birdy wearing a knit stocking cap.  He makes me giggle.

Bird tree snowy owl

Bird tree 4

Look at this frosty star – it looks like it was made of slivers of ice.

Bird tree star

Bird tree 5

One of my favorite vignettes in the tree, the snow-blanketed winter cabin.

Bird tree cabin

Magnolia blossoms and pheasant feathers mingle comfortably with berry clusters and leafy vines in this imaginative haven for the birds of winter.

Bird tree 3

These trees just take my breath away, time after time!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

2009 Hunting & Fishing Tree

So, I promised the next tree would be for the more manly man who would like to celebrate Christmas in a way that pays homage to his favorite outdoor pursuits, such as hunting and fishing, four-wheeling, and other interests that the fairer sex tends to associate with smelly shoes.  We don’t discriminate against any holiday celebrations around here.  When you want lighted beer mugs and shotgun shells on your Christmas tree, we aim to make that happen for you.  Only one eyebrow will be briefly and delicately raised.  And, surprisingly enough, the design team failed to work funny boxers into the plan this year….hmmm.  I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Note the prominent use of fishing lures & floats, strings of popcorn & cranberries, pheasant feathers, and camouflage ornaments.

Sportsman 1

Sportsman 2

Sportsman tree top

Even Santa Claus has a fishing tale to tell….

Sportsman 3

Sportsman 4

Sportsman 5

Sportsman 6

Sportsman 7

Have a sporting Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

The Doll Tree

This beautiful, flocked tree is located in our doll area, and is loaded in pinks and greens and Christmas sparkle.  Here’s my challenge – it’s a fairly tall tree to begin with, and they have seated it in an antique baby crib which adds another three feet of height, and the angel on the top reaches the second floor ~ she needs her own spotlight!  I hope you will get a feel for its beauty in this series of pictures.

Doll tree

As I was taking pictures, one subtlety I noticed is the use of brown in the color scheme.  It doesn’t jump out at you, but it really enhances the richness of the softer pinks and greens.  Now that I’ve mentioned it, do you notice the brown bead garlands and ornaments included on the tree?

Here’s a view from above.  That’s not a hula hoop, that’s the top rim of the crib.  What a creative way to display a tree  in your nursery or anywhere in your home – if your ceilings are high enough – you can fit plenty of presents right under the crib!

Angel tree topper

Angel tree base

Birds and butterflies, rocking horses, tiny dolls, tea cups, hearts, and stars are just a few of the ornaments on the tree.  The most astonishing thing ~one designer decorated it in one day!  Here are a few close-up images – this is a pretty glitzy tree.

Doll tree detail 1

Doll tree detail 2

Doll tree detail 3

Doll tree top detail

Of course, with this abundance of glittery pink ornamentation, it’s a very feminine style.  Not to worry, men, my next tree will be just for you.  Yes, JUST for you.  Trust me, ladies.  Something the men will appreciate.

~ Janet @ The Christmas Place

Cardinal Christmas Tree

Another work of breathtaking beauty from the design team!  They spent almost as much time on the ceiling around the tree as they did on the tree itself; it’s filled with branches and birds ~ including some darling miniature owls ~ and dripping with frosty fringe and icicles.

First, a picture of the blank canvas, with just a few cardinals alluding to what’s to come.

Cardinal before decorating

The ceiling ornamentation is already in place.

Cardinal ceiling 2

My favorite owl!

My favorite owl!

Cardinal ceiling 1

Cardinal owl

Add a few bits and bobs to that flocked tree, maybe a couple of yards of ribbon and a pair of deer, and voila! ~ you have a masterpiece!

Cardinal Theme Christmas Tree

Cardinal Theme Christmas Tree

It really takes your breath away!  Here are a few close-up pictures.  On the other side of the tree from the image above, you’ll find a delicate white birdcage, dripping with red crystals.  Notice that they have used really large silk poinsettias as additional focal points on the tree.

Cardinal birdcage

In addition to a wide variety of cardinal ornaments and cardinal light strands, you’ll also find doves, snowmen, Santas, and snow girls throughout the tree – everything in red and white, of course.  We like to mix in fabric and glass pieces, hand-painted ornaments, and a variety of berries and leaves.

Cardinal have faith

Cardinal peace on earth

Cardinal joy to the world

Now that’s a frosty tree for the middle of summer!  I love those frozen pine cones, and the way the lights on the tree glow through the snow-covered needles.

I’m off roaming with my camera for the next tree to show off.  Please let us know if you have questions about any of the decorations you see here – we  add things in the store faster than we are able to get them onto the web, of course!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Princess or Drama Queen?!

Don’t we know that the hearts of little girls absolutely beat pink and purple?  Here is their dream tree!  Start with a white base; load on the sparkles in pink and purple; fill in with ballerinas, feathered tiaras, cell phones, and princess dolls; and finish with a sprinkling of red, green and gold ~ a tree to melt every girl’s heart.

Purple and Pink Tree

Pinks 1

Pinks 2

Pinks 3

Pinks 4

Pinks 5

Pinks 6

Pinks 7

We added a couple of hot pink LED light balls to the ceiling and a swath of pink satin as a tree skirt for a shimmering finale to this spectacular fantasy in pink, purple, white, tulle, satin, and spun glass.

I’ll find a tree for the boys, too, don’t worry!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Christmas 2009 – Let the Decorating Begin!

Time to start showing off the fantastic work of our buyers and decorators for Christmas 2009!  Trees are starting to come together, and you can follow developments here.  I will show you some of the highlights of our designs for decorating your trees, selecting ornaments, and using unusual materials in creative ways to achieve a unique theme.

You have to know that the trees we create are so packed with decorations that, as I have said before, it’s almost impossible to capture them in pixels, you really have to see them in person to appreciate the beauty of the whole presentation.  But I’m going to take full pictures anyways, and hopefully I’ll be able to attach them in a format that will allow you to look at a larger image.  I’ll also include many close-ups of decorating details.

Most everything we use in our Christmas trees is for sale in the store, but our design team also creates focal elements that are unique for each tree – they can get very creative with Styrofoam, and add unexpected pieces, such as tree branches picked up in the woods … there is no excuse for limiting your thinking when it comes to expressing your own vision of Christmas!

I’m starting with the delightful new Western Tree.  This was a popular theme last year, and we’ve expanded on the idea in colorful fashion for this season.  Of course, I don’t suppose many of us have a grid suspended from the ceiling on which to extend the theme, but that’s what we are able to do here.  A lariat coils across the ceiling and whips around the top of the tree to set the stage.  Check out the Conestoga wagon suspended near the top of the tree.

Western Christmas Tree

Western Christmas Tree

Here is the same view without flash – you can better see the clusters of chili pepper lights on the tree.

Western Tree

Close-up of the ceiling decoration:

Western ceiling copy

… and a collection of close-ups of the ornaments:

Tree detail 1 copy

Paisley ornament copy

I have mad love for these paisley ornaments!

Tree detail 2 copy

Tree detail 3 copy

Tree detail 4 copy

Tree detail 6 copy

Tree detail 5 copy

Tree detail 7 copy

Tree detail 8 copy

As you can see, we have no hesitation in mixing shiny and matte, sparkly and soft, whimsical and serious, natural and man-made elements on a tree – the variety makes each tree a feast for the senses of sight and touch.

I’m really looking forward to showing you our best and brightest for 2009, as everything comes together in the store!  Please, write and let me know if there are details you’d like to see that I may miss as I work my way through the store.

Yeehaw and Merry Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place