Christmas Bear in a Santa hat

Christmas Bears & Foxes & Chickens, Oh My!

Yesterday, you met my new friend Big-Nose Bear, he of the sweet expression and extreme hug-a-liciousness!

Plush Bear with Christmas scarf

Today, meet some of his friends, all anxious to show off their winter scarves and looking warm and Christmas-y!

Fox-y Christmas:

Christmas Fox

The Raccoon Gang:

Christmas Raccoon

Santa Hat Bear:

Christmas Bear in a Santa hat

Santa Suit Bear (a.k.a. Tower of Teddies):

Santa Bear

Christmas Chicken:

Christmas Chicken

(You know it’s not Christmas without a chicken in the house!)

Ski Bears (bag-fulls of them):

Tan bear with knit scarf and ski hat

And now for something entirely (kind of) different:  Bigfoot!  I don’t think this soft, cuddly sasquatch is going to scare anyone away from the tree, though…

Plush Bigfoot doll

Finally, also in the plush group – Gnomes all over the place! Big gnomes, little gnomes, in-between gnomes – you can’t go wrong with a gnome watching over things.  (Just don’t say it reminds you of your uncle, please.  And remember to feed them plenty of chocolate.)

Plush Gnome dolls

Embrace the hug factor this holiday with a fun and fuzzy holiday friend or two!

~Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

P.S. Santa is here for photos and story-telling and general getting-to-know-you today (August 26th) through Sunday – come and meet him!

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