Miss Heart of Christmas

We recently welcomed a royal visitor to The Incredible Christmas Place – Kentucky’s Teen Miss Heart of Christmas came to visit!

Miss Heart of Christmas winner

Where else would you expect her to spend her holiday but in a Christmas wonderland?  We were delighted to welcome this sweet young woman to our store.

The “Miss Heart of the USA” pageant programs are focused on teaching young girls that it is never too soon to be involved in giving back to the community.  Every pageant is a food drive!  All participants are required to bring donations to each competition, titles are awarded based on donations, and their community involvement extends beyond pageants to other events.  At the local level, the girls are encouraged to participate with groups like March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, and local shelters and food banks.

Congratulations and good luck to Kentucky’s Teen Miss Heart of Christmas – and keep up the good work for your community!

Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

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