Christmas Time Capsule from My House to Yours!

My father handed me a folder of papers on Saturday that had suddenly surfaced from a drawer or a box or a cabinet somewhere.  Let me tell you, you just never know what scraps from your past your parents have tucked away, and when they’ll appear.  This folder includes my high school transcripts (B+ in typing), some ancient achievement tests (College Board Admissions Testing Program, wherein I am rated well below average for pursuing a career in the field of science), SAT scores (English, fine; Math, not so much), college transcripts ( I DO NOT remember getting a B in bowling!), and – wow – a bill for a hospital room visit for a couple of stitches, total $87.29, my share was $17.40.  Now that’s a true blast from the past!  Sometime after 12 October 1980, I filled up my car with nine gallons of gas for a whopping $10.60 – over $1 a gallon.  Those were the days…

Behind all that stuff (including a few school compositions and my first-ever typed resume, no job experience at all), is the stuff I’m here to talk about.  Yes, this is it, possibly my first letter to Santa – and it’s a poem!  Check it out:

Janet's Poem

My mom wrote my name on the saved slip of paper.  (Don’t ask me about the burn marks along the edge, I don’t remember the fire.)  To go along with it, here’s my dad’s handwritten reply:

Dad's reply

Dad has played piano all his life, and composed his own music and songs, so there is always scoring paper around the house.

But wait, it gets better!  Here’s another poem I composed around the same time, I’m guessing, as my handwriting is very similar.



I know you’re thinking, “wow, that girl was quite the poet laureate of her family!”

However, there is one more gem of a poem in the folder, this one by my younger sister.  And you’d better believe I’m wasting no time in teasing her about the churches feeding “the poor people and the pheasants.”  Pheasants??  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  Girl, you messed that one up good!  (Yes, we’re sisters, what did you expect?  Loving support?  Pffft.  Have you met me and my sisters?!)

LeeAnne1 copy-01

LeeAnne2 copy

I don’t know about you, but I think these need to be framed and hung in a place of honor, on display year round.  Rarely do you see such genius word-smithing in ones so young.

Well, anyway, they will be a treasure for my family, at least, for some time to come.  Do you have a collection of your children’s masterpieces tucked away somewhere?  We’d love to see them.

Christmas is all about the memories we make with families and friends.  Be sure to cherish your own collection!

~Janet @ Incredible Christmas Place

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