Christmas Windows!

We’ve been teasing you with glimpses of the construction phase – now we hope you’ll enjoy seeing the final product.

Betsy & Prissy created a variety of vignettes – there’s a window to inspire everyone for the holidays.

In the toy store window, an idea you could easily duplicate in your tree – mini airplanes are hanging from an “Ornamotor” light strand plug-in, so they spin!  I wonder if our giant elf is easier to manage than a comparably-sized, real-life elf??

The combined  peppermint and gingerbread window is a sweet favorite, filled with bright colors and tasty decorations.

The Nutcracker window is quite grand, dominated by a regal purple and gold color palette – but there’s room for every color at Christmas! Check out the whimsical star – is that a frog prince on your head, or a nutcracker prince under your feet?  Notice the pair of scrolled brackets used to provide more anchors for decorations – an elegant solution for a tight space.

Sparkling in clear simplicity, the Nativity scene quietly highlights our reason for celebration.

Fast becoming our new favorite, the Christmas Place Home collection has a homespun take on decorating – for any season! Keep watching for more information of this fun new assortment and a tour of our freshest ideas.

Just watch out for mirrors .. there would have been one more photo in this group but for an, ah-hem, “accidental #elfie” of the photographer.

Lots more sunny days to come this summer – come and pick your favorite window, and start dreaming of Christmas – only 153 days (22 Saturdays) until The Big Day!

~Janet @ Christmas Place

P.S.  I almost forgot – look who’s waiting to greet you at the front door .. what a sweet little character!

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