Oh My Minis!

I have, from childhood, been drawn to miniature things – miniature figurines, miniature tea sets, mini books – I even have a collection of mini, hand-painted water colors picked up along my travels.  So when I found the new, mini fairie collection in the store, I immediately fell in love with these darling little cottages, figures, and accessories.

How I would have loved to arrange the pieces and imagine complicated (and probably somewhat incomprehensible) tales of their comings and goings.  You probably know a youngster who would dream of finding a little fairie under the tree or in a stocking on Christmas morning!  Take a peek at the collection.  (Click two times on any image to see the full-size photo.)

Santa and his village are also represented in miniature.  These pieces could easily become holiday heirlooms to be arranged and rearranged by both grown-ups and children a hundred times, for many Christmases to come.

The tables, chairs, mushrooms and plants, and many other accessories are sold separately, so you can assemble the village that suits your fancy.  They would look so sweet on a bookshelf or tabletop.

Not every fairie is a miniature, though.  Here’s a delicate girl who would add real charm to your home or greenhouse – and she’s wearing a touch of Christmas sparkle.  Everything’s better with a little glitter!

May even your tiniest dreams come true this Christmas – but we hope you’ll be dreaming big, too!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  One more – in pure white, she’s quite the charmer of butterflies.  She kind of reminds me of a famous area resident .. hmmm, of whom am I thinking now?

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