Santa’s not the only kid in town at Christmas Place .. well, not if Rudolph has anything to say about it!  While Santa was away this week, Rudolph snuck in to the workshop for a few photos – but I don’t think our guests were fooled!

Where’s Santa??

Where’s your beard?! I need to pull on your beard! I don’t think you’re Santa Clause, no, I do not.

When we all get together .. we can never agree on a restaurant!

Naughty! No – no – I mean “nice!” We’ve definitely been nice all year!!

That tickles! You wouldn’t do this to Santa, would you?!

Don’t worry, the Big Guy (the one who wears red) will be back by this weekend!  But don’t forget to wish Rudolph “Happy 50th Birthday!” when you see him – he’s still looking pretty young for 50, isn’t he?

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Bring the kids to the store every Saturday in July for face-painting and balloon creations – it’s almost Christmas!

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