As Seen at Christmas Place!

It’s great to be back on the blog again!  We had some technical difficulties over the winter, but we’ve taken care of all that, and I’m looking forward to catching you up with what’s been happening here at Christmas Place and in our little corner of the state – where spring has definitely and finally sprung.

I am going to start with my favorite – photo sharing – here’s my “as seen at Christmas Place” album of the week.  Guess who has just come in from the North Pole to get these Christmas Place elves back into shape for the season?

Well, now that we’ve got the really important stuff out of the way…here’s some fun stuff – just a random collection of items and departments that caught my eye as I strolled through, looking at what’s changing this year.  We have a brand new look in personalizing – what, you can’t tell this is personalizing??  Wait until you see it again next week – we’re so excited with our red floor, and there’s a brand new counter on the way.


  These beautiful butterfly coasters I discovered on sale in Santaland.  We also started a sale today in the breezeway – 40% off the lowest price – lots of great bargains there.

Elf Joyce offered to show off the new spring collection of patterns from Vera Bradley – did you know we carry the best selection in East Tennessee?  (shhhhh….right now, all the discontinued items and patterns are on sale for 40% off – don’t tell your friends until you’ve had a chance to check the selection yourself….)

The new summer colors are here too:

My favorite monkey bag (which I’ve shown here before) has shown up with this cute-cute-cute little fox this year – and look at the extremely stylish horse head version below.  So cool.

Fall has always been such a popular theme for us that we decided to add a year-round fall corner – you’ll be inspired to plan ahead when you find this niche in Santaland.

I can’t help but love the creativity of this last image – an old, distressed frame with fall finery attached – including those brilliant little mice! – beautifully highlighting a gorgeous fall wreath.

We’d love to find out what you’ve been doing since last Christmas.  Can you believe, we’re already almost a third of the way through 2014?  Is it time to start a shopping list for next Christmas?

The sun is shining on our corner of heaven this weekend – I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend, too!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place












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