Letters to Santa

It’s not too late to get your letter in to Santa! Here’s a look at what he’s received recently…

Dear Santa,
My name is Maddie. I don’t need anything for Christmas. I have a family, food and love. I don’t need anything else this Christmas. I just want love and joy for all the kids who don’t have toys and food. I want you to give them my pressants (sic) this year.
Love, Maddie

Dear Santa,
I would like to have a pet cat for Christmas. I’ve been very good this year and donated my old toys to needy children. I have some issues with listening, but I am only 5. I promise to be good.
Love, Jayden
P.S. Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,
Ten years ago on this day on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean over Dana Point Harbor, California, we got engaged – and our lives changed forever. Two years ago while on vacation at The Inn at Christmas Place we submitted a “letter to Santa” for a new job and a new house – and you delivered! Now we’re in love and living in beautiful eastern Tennessee, happy and healthy. For Christmas, we want continued health and happiness, and a plan for successful retirement. Our best to you and Mrs. Claus and the elves. Merry Christmas!!!
Harry & Lauren

Hello Santa,
I want you to bring me a bow and arrows and a computer and a phone and a hunting set and God’s grateful love. Thank you.

Dear Santa,
I really want a slushy magic because I want to enjoy having slushies with my family and for you to help Mallory and me stop fighting every day, but just fight every few days.

Dear Santa,
Here I am again at The Inn. I have been here 4 times now and it is as beautiful as always!! Each time I have left you a letter asking for only 1 thing for Christmas. That is to pray for my husband John that we have him another Christmas. I want to Thank You because he is here with me again. You see Santa, John is battling kidney cancer with his 1st diagnosis in Nov. of 2002. It has now returned in his liver & in May of 2010 he was given 6 to 9 months. Our children gave us our 1st stay here at The Inn for our anniversary in November of 2010. That was when I first asked you to keep him with us. I know it is all in God’s hands and know you must have a special connection with God! So today again I ask you to keep him with us through another Christmas.

Dear Santa,
This is what I want for Christmas – some icing bags for icing cupcakes because I love making cupcakes and I’m pretty good at it, too! I also want some rolls of duck (sic) tape. Did you know you can make cool things with duck tape like wallets, and flowers! You can! I also want some clothes. By the way, what’s your favorite cookie? I like oatmeal raisin. Please reply!
P.S. I also want Peace on earth and love!!!!!

We hope you’ve sent in your letter, and know that Santa will do his best. We wish for you the best gift of all this Christmas – and every day – love!

Janet @ The Christmas Place

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