Nightlights Light Up More Than Just The Night!

Here at Christmas Place, nightlights light up – Christmas trees, of course!  Can you spot them in this picture?

It’s rather amazing that our decorators were able to make the lighted figurines work in this slim-line, flocked tree.  The addition of multi-colored lights adds to the fun in this whimsical tree.

Here’s Rudolph:

And here’s Snoopy:

Now look again – you’ll easily spot these two bubble lights in the tree.  A good shake in the morning will keep the bubbles going for hours.

We just started a nightlight sale – buy 2, get a third for free.  In addition to offering safer night-time trips to the fridge, they make great gifts, and some folks even like to keep a bit of that holiday light working year round.  They come in plenty of sizes and styles.  Best of all, a really neat feature I just discovered last week, on most of our nightlights the plug prongs will rotate – to fit outlets that are oriented either horizontally or vertically!

Enjoy the glow!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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