It’s Rush Week!

Are you rushing or being rushed this week?  We’re talking to college kids who are interested in Greek organizations, not you fanatics (like us) who are starting to panic upon the realization that it is only 19 WEEKS TIL CHRISTMAS! (LIKE US!)  WHAT?!  Does the thought of it leave you feeling something like this…..

Just think about it tomorrow, Cleopatra!

Anyway, back to school .. from Coton Colors, we have a really cute collection of ornaments for Greek organizations – including selections with mascots and flowers as well as just Greek letters.  These 4″ glass ornaments are decorated with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon on each, and packaged in matching boxes.

  They are a very classy way to show your pride at Christmas – and you will want to keep it on display all year.  You can easily personalize these with a Sharpie marker or paint pen.


Bright colors and clear, crisp lettering presented in a really fun way – take a look and see if we have your organization today!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  For a little SEC rivalry, search “Coton Colors” on our shopping site and check out our selection of college ornaments – we even have “House Divided” for Alabama and Florida!  (Well bless your heart, you’re not from the South, are you? Well, that stands for Southeastern Conference, just the best athletic league in the nation, IOHO.)

P.S.S. Cleopatra – you know, the queen of de-nial?!  Yeah, now you’re getting it!

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