Summer Pastimes

Now that it is officially summer, and the weekend is coming up, and just maybe you’ve carved some time out of your busy schedule for a few days of vacation – what do you like to do with that time?  Since we live in the mountains here, many of us head to the beach for a few days of sand everywhere we don’t want it, sun burning in our eyes and heating up every un-shaded surface, and seafood hey it may be costing an arm and a leg but I don’t have to cook or clean up after.  Sure it’s just as humid as home, but the sunrises over the ocean….wait, I don’t do sunrises…

Yes, I guess I’ve let a little subtext show there … not a beach person myself, although I find I quite enjoy it when accidentally I find myself near extremely large bodies of water.  I think the largest bodies of water are best viewed from 35,000 feet – on your way to somewhere you may not be able to read the menus, but it’s definitely cool-ish and un-sandy.

Me, I’d rather stay home and read books .. every day.  That’s my vacation paradise.  Show me a book review, and chances are good there will be a slip of paper somewhere nearby with the title scribbled down, for further research and possible acquisition.  Is anyone surprised to hear that I still prefer paper?  Anyway, I especially love to grab titles suggested by people I know who read a lot – such as this selection of “under the radar” reads from Nancy Pearl.  Nancy has included a wide variety of genres, for readers of all ages, among her suggestions over the years; this list includes one that she says will appeal to Jane Austen fans as well – you know who you are.

I love to spend time lost in the words of a true storyteller, the kind of story where, when you have to interrupt your reading time, you must shake your head a little to bring yourself back to the present.  That’s just the best experience in the world to me, when I come across a good book.  Every day can be a vacation day, in a book.

Whether you prefer all the active stuff we have around here, like putt-putt, race cars, rides – did you know that we can now boast about our giant Ferris wheel here in Pigeon Forge? – or hiking in the Smokies, or you also appreciate the quieter pastimes as I do, I sure hope you save a little time each day to let your brain escape into imagination, history, biography – and if you come across something really good, don’t forget to send me the title.

I hope you have the vacation of your dreams this summer!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  If making it to the beach is just an unattainable dream for you this summer, I recommend that you make yourself a little living room beach escape – put up a mini palm tree, add some beach ornaments, string some summer lights, pour yourself a fruity beverage, and cover the couches with beach towels.  Put on your swim suits, dab a little coconut lotion behind your ears, and relax.  Just think, NO SAND!  NO BURNING!  NO hours in the car driving home, filled with regret for that last 3-scoop ice cream cone!

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