From the Camera Roll

I know, most cameras that we use day-to-day no longer have “rolls” in them .. from the card .. just doesn’t sound right!  But here’s the thing .. I take and receive pictures all the time, but then so often run out of time to post them while I’m thinking about them.  So here is a collection of pictures that I WANTED to share from the past month, but didn’t get around to – maybe I should call this a “getting aroundtoit” post.  Either way, I hope you find something to enjoy in these images!

Beginning with .. spring has sprung – in spite of the cold weather, we did manage to have a few days of beauty in time for the annual Dogwood Festival in Knoxville.

Dogwood tree with white blooms

Dogwood closeup of single bloom
Branch of tree with many dogwood blooms

Dogwood tree branch

I love seeing the deep red color on the underside of the petals.

Pink crabapple tree in bloom

I don’t know whether this is a cherry or an apple – it’s pretty, and it produces small fruit that the birds enjoy.

Azalea bushes and impations

 Bright pink azalea bushes in bloom

Brilliant pink azaleas in full bloom – a glorious song of spring!

White picket fence with red maple and Norfolk pine

 We just loved this white picket fence surrounding a tidy little garden!

Pink dogwood tree

 Most of our pink dogwood trees were pale this year.

 And now for something entirely different .. a chalk drawing by our personalizing artist, A.J.  What would we do without all the talent we have around here??  We sure don’t want to find out.

Chalk drawing on black of winter scene with Rudolph & Clarice.

 And some pretty new things I saw in the gift gallery:

Raggedy Andy doll and ceramic items: reindeer bowl, Christmas tree tray, Snowman tea pot, Santa plate, Christmas measuring spoon set

 Santa cookie jar

 Set of three pedestal with glass dome treet displays

Fabric Doll angels, ceramic Christmas plate

And now I take you to a new clothing collection for real little girls.  You’ll find these delightful outfits in The Boutique.

Sunny yellow girls dress with white daisy-embroidered over-dress

Who’s going to make a splash at the beach this summer??

Layers of peach tulle on an orange-and-white patterned toddler girl's tank swimsuit.

I believe the #1 with ribbons is an accessory piece, and comes in other numbers as well.

And for the littlest princess, flower-accented booties for spring!

Pink & white booties with rose and blue flowers and ribbon ties

An update on construction:  The walls are up and painted, and next we’ll be adding transom windows.

Last but not least .. the bunny is back!  Only one this year, but he/she looks pretty happy to be out and about.


These wildflowers start out yellow, then shoot up on stalks and turn white, and then blow away.  They’re just so pretty in the late afternoon sun, aren’t they?

Well, I think that’s about it for my random photo collection today – whew, I’m glad to share all that and get ready for the next group!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Mother’s Day is this Sunday – watch for a special one-day sale in The Boutique – 10% off all day long.

And, by the way, we moved the clearance area from upstairs to Santaland – so no more climb to check out the sales room.  It’s right outside Rudolf’s Retreat now, much easier for grabbing a last-minute bargain before you check out.

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