Help Us Discover the Name of Our Elf!

{Update )4/30/2013 – Her name is Chrissy!  Thanks to  Teresa & Gary K, Woodruff, SC, for letting us know what her name is.

{Tune in for further adventures with Chrissy as she has fun playing all over the store while all the other elves are hard at work…

{Thanks to everyone who submitted a picture of their own elf and a name!

We’ve been adopted by our own Elf on the Shelf here at the store – isn’t she cute?  But … we have one problem.   When we asked what her name is, she told us one of you would know!   We really need to add it to her Christmas stocking, so we need you to help us find out just what her name is.

And then we decided that, since you’re helping us out, maybe a little contest for fun – and a prize – would be in order!

Here’s how you can help us learn her name:

1.  Share a picture of your own elf in his or her favorite spot on the planet – maybe around your home from last Christmas, or in the car, on vacation somewhere exotic, or just enjoying dinner around town – if your elf is still in town, you might want to take a new picture – and have yourself in the picture, too.

2.  Send us that picture any way you can -

*E-mail:  Send it to us at santa@christmasplace, put “Name Your Elf” as the subject of your message.
*Facebook:  upload your photo on our Facebook page,
*Twitter:  tweet your photo to us @ChristmasPlace, and include #nameyourelf.
Pinterest:  Pin a photo of your elf to your own board, and include #nameyourelf in the description.

3.  Be sure to include your suggestion for the name of our elf in your message or description.

4.  We’ll pick a winner from among all the suggestions, and the one of you who knows her name will receive -

*The picture of your elf posted as the header on our Facebook page for a week (so you might want to include yourself in the photo!).
*A $25 gift card to spend in the store or online.

You have two weeks to submit your suggestions, and Monday, April 29th, is the last day we will accept pictures for the contest.  We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, May 1st, and the winning picture will be displayed on our header through Wednesday,  May 8th.

Here is the necessary stuff:  Name suggestions without a picture will be appreciated, but not entered into the contest for prizes.  You can submit more than one picture and name, but please don’t submit the same picture more than one time.  Employees of Christmas Place Properties and their family members are not eligible to win, though we would love to see pictures of your elves!  All the pictures will be kept in a photo album on our Facebook page, so you can come back and enjoy them or share them with your friends.  You understand that your image may be used on a web site, Facebook or other social media site, mailing, design board, and other publicity, at the company’s discretion for promotional purposes.  You release The Incredible Christmas Place and The Inn at Christmas Place, its contractors and its employees from liability for any claims by you or any third party in connection with your participation and the use of your photograph and/or video images for their business uses, including but not limited to print, television, and web uses.  We may publish your picture when we talk about the store or products online, in print, or in any other medium, with no financial compensation to you.  Mom and Dad, we will not use your child’s or children’s full name(s), but we would like to use their first name(s) and geographic location when we announce our winner.  If the winner is under 18 years old, your mom or dad will have to help you spend your prize.

Whew, I’m sorry that has to be so long…

Okay, we’re starting now!  Send us a picture of your elf (and you), and the name you think belongs to our elf!  Good luck!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Do you think she has more than one name? -you know, a before name and a behind name and a between name??  We can’t wait to find out!

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