Antidote for a rainy day…

After a lovely sunny and warmed-up weekend here in East Tennessee, we’re hit with a rainy Monday .. Antidote?  A walk in our flower-filled garden!  These fresh, spring blooms should brighten your day and keep the week on a good track.

Silk flower arrangements and buckets of flower stems.

Silk forsythia and dogwood blooms and a spring arrangement of purples, blues, and yellows.

Bright yellow, green, red, and pink silk flower, leaves, and arrangements.

 My favorites – giant pink and lavender peony blooms!

For a more subtle garden, peonies and roses that have a delicate, tea-dyed look.

Buckets of silk peonies and roses in antiqued or tea-dyed shades of white.

If you can find it, this arrangement of flowers and birdhouse is attached to a grapevine chair, making this a wonderful and welcoming arrangement for a front porch.

Do you decorate your fireplace for spring?  Our floral team has created a colorful white, pink, lavender, and raspberry garland, highlighted with a couple bluebirds – for the happiness that comes especially with spring!

So many ways to add pink – berries, ribbons, glitter, a butterfly – if we added a strand of pink LED lights inside the mesh box, it would be a pink dream!   Too much?  Never!

Let’s not forget the wildflowers – and bear cubs – that we love so much up in the Smokies!

We start our Spring Break store hours this Saturday, March 16th – we’ll be open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week – taking advantage of those new evening daylight hours we’re enjoying.  If you’re headed to the mountains, be sure to stop in and say “hello!”  We’ve missed you since Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Spring is also the time of new releases from many of the companies that our collectors love, so it’s a good time to check our site for the newest items.

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