Behind the … workshop walls! (Part 1)

Do you sometimes wonder what goes on around Christmas Place when you’re not here?  How do we elves spend our long winter days while Santa is away at the North Pole, or maybe the South Pole (or maybe even Florida, we can’t say for sure)?

Why, we do the same things you do in the winter!  We clean and we straighten up.  Check out this pristeen display of personalized family Christmas ornaments, just waiting to be discovered.

Personalizing Department wall with family ornaments on display.

And sometimes we move the furniture around.

Personalizing Department with sun streaming across empty floor space.

And we love to hide stuff from Santa!

Santaland Sports area with no merchandise.

Where has it all gone?  Why, here it is, right over here!

Old Spice wall of collegiate sports gifts.

Our “Old & New Spice” area is getting a new look with the sports department moving in this year.  Of course, we’re heavy on the SEC collection, but we carry other collegiate souvenirs as well.  We just may have your team here.

And sometimes, we even move walls, if we’re really feeling a burst of energy.

Fresh, white wall installed in the Gift Gallery to create a kitchenalia area.

Remember me? I used to be in the Floral Department!

Gift Gallery new wall, with empty shelves in front.

Oh, yes, there are major changes in the works around here .. some of which will just be in place in time for your next visit.  Now where did the village go??

Department 56 Snow Village display with no lighted houses at all, being reworked for the next season.

Here’s a sneak peek at one special area – look at these gorgeous new flower shop displays.

Row of assorted flowers, all dark red in color.

LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  Gorgeous colors, and the profusion of silk flowers and stems look so sharp in their new, shiny black displays.

Assortment of flowers on display.

Assortment of dark gold-toned flowers on display.

Assorted silk flowers on display.

“Yummy” comes to mind – all those delicious spring colors massed together.  It’s still a work in progress, and we cannot wait to see the finished product – bet you can’t, either.

Tune in for our next “behind the workshop walls” report, as the elves continue to play while Santa is away!  He’ll be back five days a week after Memorial Weekend, though you can catch him this Saturday & Sunday at the store.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  We wish the blessings of peace and freedom for all who may be celebrating Easter, Pesach, or any other special commemoration this month.

Antidote for a rainy day…

After a lovely sunny and warmed-up weekend here in East Tennessee, we’re hit with a rainy Monday .. Antidote?  A walk in our flower-filled garden!  These fresh, spring blooms should brighten your day and keep the week on a good track.

Silk flower arrangements and buckets of flower stems.

Silk forsythia and dogwood blooms and a spring arrangement of purples, blues, and yellows.

Bright yellow, green, red, and pink silk flower, leaves, and arrangements.

 My favorites – giant pink and lavender peony blooms!

For a more subtle garden, peonies and roses that have a delicate, tea-dyed look.

Buckets of silk peonies and roses in antiqued or tea-dyed shades of white.

If you can find it, this arrangement of flowers and birdhouse is attached to a grapevine chair, making this a wonderful and welcoming arrangement for a front porch.

Do you decorate your fireplace for spring?  Our floral team has created a colorful white, pink, lavender, and raspberry garland, highlighted with a couple bluebirds – for the happiness that comes especially with spring!

So many ways to add pink – berries, ribbons, glitter, a butterfly – if we added a strand of pink LED lights inside the mesh box, it would be a pink dream!   Too much?  Never!

Let’s not forget the wildflowers – and bear cubs – that we love so much up in the Smokies!

We start our Spring Break store hours this Saturday, March 16th – we’ll be open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day of the week – taking advantage of those new evening daylight hours we’re enjoying.  If you’re headed to the mountains, be sure to stop in and say “hello!”  We’ve missed you since Christmas!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Spring is also the time of new releases from many of the companies that our collectors love, so it’s a good time to check our site for the newest items.