Is it time?

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in the Smokies, nearing the end of February, and I just passed a car that is still sporting its red Rudolf nose – no, wait .. is it “still” .. or is the driver already anticipating Christmas 2013, as we are here at Christmas Place?!  Hmmmm….

For those of you who simply insist on putting the tree away for at least a couple of months each year, and since we have made it past Valentines, Gumdrop, and Presidents days, now might be the time to take down the Christmas tree.

Think about it for a moment, though.  Do you really want to struggle with making it all fit back into the original box, adding a 5th .. 6th .. 7th .. layer of tape, and then having to drag the big, unwieldy box through the house, wedging it through doorways and around end tables and furry family members who have no concept of what you are trying to accomplish without their assistance, thank you very much, and finally into a storage area (probably up or down stairs, or even outside)?

No, you don’t!

Look no further, sweat and struggle no more.  We are pleased to tell you that we have the perfect solution for you right here.  You must get one of these marvelous tree storage bags – not just a bag, but a bag with wheels.  How fabulous is that?

Christmas tree storage bag, with wheels, for 7 or 9 foot tree

Portable, lightweight, flexible, stuffable, handles for easy transport .. where’s the cup holder on this thing??  Room to store your power strip and extension cord(s) right in the bag, so you don’t have to hunt them down next year.  I don’t know if there’s a Facebook fan page for it yet – but it seems like there ought to be!

You also need bags for your wreaths, to keep them free of dust and other potential off-season mishaps.

There, the last part of Christmas 2012, taken care of in a most convenient way.  Now you can sit back and wait for the new trends and styles in Christmas decor to form themselves into your perfect decorating scheme for 2013.  We’ll be right here to help with that, too.  Don’t you just have a wonderful feeling of peace and calm and preparedness for next Christmas, you lucky thing.

Good for you, because, well, Christmas is only 309 days away.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  Speaking of next Christmas, the new Snowbabies and Department 56 pieces are available for pre-ordering already!  If you’re a fan of the National Lampoon movie “Christmas Vacation”, this is the year for you – remember Cousin Eddie’s RVIt’s here! 

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