Winter Closing for The Partridge & Pear Restaurant!

Wow, am I going to miss my weekly Spinach-and-Strawberry Salad with chicken on top this winter!  Something to look forward to during the long, dark days…

On Monday, December 31st, The Partridge & Pear Restaurant at Christmas Place is closing for the winter as the owners consider the future direction of the business.  While the restaurant’s popularity has grown steadily over the two-and-a-half years since it opened, gaining both a local fan base and repeat visits from out-of-town guests, profitability has been an ongoing challenge.

“We are very proud of what was accomplished by our staff at the restaurant since it opened in 2010.  Our creative chefs, dedicated kitchen staff, and caring service team worked hard to deliver a wonderful dining experience to guests over the years!” said Carolyn Fairbank Biggs, president of Christmas Place Properties.  “We wish each of them the best in their continued careers in hospitality in Sevier County.”

Immediate plans are for continued operation of the property as a food and meeting venue, to be utilized by The Inn at Christmas Place and for reserved events.  The restaurant has successfully hosted many weddings, parties, private meetings and dinner events, and expects to continue these functions.  However, continuing as a public eatery with the current business strategy is not likely to improve financial performance; therefore, new opportunities and concepts are being studied at this time.

Stay tuned for more as plans develop (as long as they keep my salad!).

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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