Letters to Santa

“Dear Santa,
I would like for instead of you bringing me presents, to give presents to all the boys and girls at St. Jude Children’s Hospital presents.”
Landri in West Virginia

“Dear Santa,
Our names are Holly and Tigger and we are the apples of our Mommy and Daddy’s  eyes.  We would love to have new kitty toys and catnip for Christmas.  Thank you, Santa”
Love Holly & Tigger in Iowa

“Dear Santa,
First I must apologize because I was mad at you for not bringing me a good Christmas all those years.  But now I am thankful because I have grown to appreciate the joy of Christmas and its true meaning.  I may be a grown man, but you represent everything I missed in my childhood and everything I can’t wait to give my children.  Thank you for being the Spirit of Christmas.”
Kenneth in Kentucky

“Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is:  For everyone to be happy for once.  Aunt Laura & Daddy are always fighting and I’m really tired of it!  It makes Grandma so sad.  That’s all I want.  Thanks.”
Rebecca in North Carolina

Can you get me some decor for my desk at school?  Please?  If you are, select Yes.  If you are not, select No.”
Della in Tennessee

“Dear Santa,
I have a wonderful new husband.  I’m 61 and didn’t think I would ever be happy again after my husband died.  Now we are staying here and buying a house here.  Thank you for all my Christmas past and in the future.  Bless all our children.”
Pam in Illinois

 “Dear Santa,
I would like to have some candy.  It would be nice for Jordan to give me a kiss, also.  A Santa book would be great to have.  Thanks so much!”
Bella, 6 yrs. old, in Tennessee

“Dear Santa,
You are such a popular guy – I’m 82 years old and I’ve had lots of time to wish.  You always come thru.  Thank You from my heart.  Merry Christmas.
P.S. By the way this is our 65th wedding anniversary on Dec. 14th.”

“Dear Santa,
I am an old dude who basically has all he needs for Christmas.  My wish is to help the kids in the world who need food and care.  Also if possible, please bring each kid a toy.
P.S. I still believe in you.”
Bill in Tennessee

“Dear Santa,
Thank you for all the joy you have sent to us every day since last Christmas.  It’s so exciting to see the bright lights and hear our favorite carols again!  Please send snow for Christmas this year, so we can make snow angels and snow milk.  Thank you for reminding us that, if we take the time to look around us, we can always find someone with whom to share the spirit of hope in our hearts, in good times and in bad times.  And thanks for helping us celebrate the Greatest Gift ever given.”
Clara Grace, Indiana

Merry Christmas from The Incredible Christmas Place!

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