2012 Trees – Snowy Woodland Bear Tree

I love making up my own names for the trees in the store.  Here’s a 12′ tree, flocked and filled with woodland kinds of ornaments, black bears, and beautiful red accents.  It starts with two almost-life-sized bears, dressed to keep warm for the winter.  I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this one, so forgive me if I’m repetetive here – I have {mad love} for the decor on this tree!  You’ll find many of the items on this tree in our Woodland Theme collection, and you might want to mix in some Cabin Theme, too (We have put together 132 themes on our website this year.)


Smoky Bear on skis!


I love those red-red-red pine cones!  They have just a touch of glitter, and look great with a little snow on top.


 As always, you should be able to click twice on the pictures to see them full sized (not a double click, but click again on the next screen) – I like to make them as large as possible, so you can see more of the details.

 What theme are you working on this year?  I have more to show you!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Don’t forget our two artist signings this weekend (November 17th & 18th, 2012) – Mario Tare, the Christopher Radko Company designer on Saturday from noon until 2 p.m.; and R.J. McDonald with his Santa pictures on both Saturday & Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Come and see all the new lights we’ve added to our courtyard & buildings this year – it’s quite beautiful!

Have you put up your Christmas lights yet?

On the road I travel each day, there is a house that has been displaying Christmas lights since early October.  I say, two thumbs up!  It’s such a pick-me-up to enjoy those colorful lights on a night when I’ve been at the office later than planned…

Well, we’ve done the same here at Christmas Place – this has been a week of lighting up the courtyard for Christmas!  I don’t have any after-dark photos yet, but here are some just-at-dusk pictures I caught yesterday.

Look at this handsome rig we have added below the clock.

Santa & Reindeer all a-glow!

You’ll also see some new elf friends alongside our reindeer.

I'm not sure he's feeling all that merry today, what do you think?

 Now check out our lights.  Okay, you may have to squint a little for this picture – the wreaths & the garland are lighted, as well as all the rooflines.

I mean, don’t we all have our own cherry-pickers so we can light up the house and yard??  Hope you come down to see our lights, as well as the Winterfest lights that are on display all the way from Sevierville through Pigeon Forge to Gatlinburg.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. May I share one more photo?  I had the priviledge of attending a Salute to Veterans luncheon at the Dixie Stampede today, and was even seated next to the guest of honor, Sgt. Ed Douglas from just up the road in Morristown.  His battalion cleared 2,500 miles of roads in Afghanistan last year, without any loss of life, even though they were bombed many, many times.  (They also got to enjoy 8″ of snow for Thanksgiving, which we did not.)  This Sunday is Veterans Day, and we hope that you will thank a veteran when you have the opportunity.  Sgt. Douglas said that it is not a burden, but an honor to serve the U.S.  The burden is in being away from family and friends.  Thank you, Sgt. Douglas and all veterans!  (Dad, two uncles, my sister, two brothers-in-law, and many personal friends – and now children of my friends – thank you!)

Sgt. Ed Douglas

What’s New on a Monday?

Yuuuuummmmmyyyy fudge, that’s what!  Our newest flavors:

Candy Cane Swirl

Red Velvet

Hurshel's Kisses

We’re shipping fudge for the holidays – just call 800-445-3396 or go on line to order.  Our Pumpkin Pie fudge tastes just like the real thing – and don’t forget Chocolate Cherry and Peppermint, along with the standard favorites.

New colors and bags just released by Vera Bradley:

"Barbara" Frame Bag with leather trim in Dogwood

"Caroline" Bag in English Rose

We carry the best selection in East Tennessee – all bag styles and colors, along with matching accessories of all kinds – beautiful gift ideas for stocking stuffers and under the tree.  Call The Boutique at extension 122 and we’ll help you locate the perfect piece.

We have a new Gourmet Shop in the Christmas Gallery – filled with Christmas kitchen accessories – mugs, plates, placemats, trays, oven mitts, towels, and more – as well as a selection of fun candies that will make great stocking stuffers or party gifts this Christmas.  We have a new collection of paper goods for your party 0r open house, too.

Party Paper Goods

Perfect Stocking Stuffer Treats!

Sweets for Grazing

Christmas Peeps! Who Knew!

I think it's just cotton candy .. let's just say it's cotton candy ..

More Christmas Treats

And since I’m just having fun with pictures from all around the store, two more.

A most elegant Santa

UnderSea Tree

How cool do those bubbles, fish, and seahorses look, drifting up towards the ceiling?!  This is from our Beach Theme – did you know we have coordinated 129 decorating themes on our site to help make your shopping a breeze?  Check them out – you’ll find lots of inspiration there.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Tent Sale starts Tuesday, November 6th!  Our cashiers will take an additional 40% off already-reduced prices at the register.

Department 56 Signing {Updated}

It’s happening tomorrow, November 3rd!

Scott Enter, building designer, will be in the store from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. to sign Department 56 houses and collectibles.  We’ll also have a village display expert, Jill Schlung, on hand with expert tips for setting up your perfect village.

Dickens' Christening Holiday Gift Set

Door Prizes!

Both Saturday & Sunday, we’ll be drawing for {hourly} door prizes, too.

Secondary Market Tent Sale

Private collectors will be in our courtyard with their own collections of retired houses, selling to the public.  Have you been looking for some older houses to add to your collection?  Now is the time to shop – none of these items are in production with Department 56, they are only available through private sales like this.

Come and meet the designers and fellow collectors, take photos and gather ideas for your village or Snowbabies collection, and maybe you’ll be one of the winners going home with a door prize, too!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. All our Department 56 displays have been refreshed this year – I am personally a fan of the Winters Frost collection, and you’ll love our gorgeous display!  There is a signed Cottagewood Bungalow in my near future…

P.P.S. – This entry has been corrected – I mistakenly listed yesterday that you have to make a purchase to enter the door prize drawing – but you don’t.