I’m sorry to be in such a rush…

but it’s been a long hot summer, and I’m just so very ready for FALL!  Yes, our Labor Day tent sale is still in progress (everything is now 40% off!), but I’m very tired of hot weather, not to mention {having to mow my lawn}, and I am ready for a shift in temperatures and temperaments.

Here’s a decorating idea from our design team at Christmas Place – turn an old chandelier into a fall display filled with color and pumpkins (and glitter).  Since this doesn’t actually involve illumination, no electricity is needed, just a great place to hang a beautiful arrangement.  Let your creative juices flow and consider hanging one inside a book case, in a stairwell, on the porch, …you take it from here…

Pumpkin Chandelier

We’d love to see what you have done to decorate interesting architectural pieces – send us a photo or upload one on our Facebook or Pinterest pages so we can all be inspired by your shared creativity.

Before I go, reason #11.C why I love East Tennessee:  morning mists in my valley.  Today the mists were all the way up to my neighbor’s roof line when I first looked out, and halfway up the valley by the time I left the house.  It’s a magical sight to start the day.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Watch for more photos of decorations hanging from the ceiling – the designers are doing a lot of that this year!

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