Labor Day Is Here

For those of you who love hot sweaty days, sultry nights when the air hardly moves at all, mowing the lawn twice a week, stooping in the garden for endless hours, sand sticking to your salty skin and hiding in the seams of your swimsuit, hot pavement and blistering steering wheels, and everything else that comes with the months of June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere, lattitude about 35.8490° N, 86.2272° W .. you can stop reading here.

For the rest of us, those who can’t wait for summer to pass – it’s just 127.5 hours til Labor Day!  Yay!  Football time, leaves starting to change colors, cool mornings – often misty here in the mountains, longing for it to be cool enough to turn on the furnace and get that lovely burning smell the first time around, and hot chocolate – almost here.  Okay, maybe not everyone enjoys the first firing of the furnace ..

Here at Christmas Place, Labor Day also means – Tent Sale time!

A big, white tent, stuffed with goodies at terrific sale prices.  Friday, August 31st through Sunday, September 9th – 10 whole days.  A tent full of goodies kinda like this ..

Now, we won’t have this exact stuff – these are from another year – but there is always a terrific variety of styles and themes through which to browse!  Christmas ornaments & decorations, ribbon bolts, floral stems, figurines, even wall hangings – a bit of everything.

Shhhhh!  Everything will be an extra 25% off, too!  The old adage, “the early bird catches the worm”, just might apply here.

See you this Friday – and remember, shop early, shop often – for the best deals.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. After you’ve cleaned out the tent, be sure to check out all our new spaces and new trees inside the store – we’re really excited about all the changes we’ve made this year, and we think you’ll love how we look.

Have a Gumdrop Christmas!

Here’s one of our favorite and most colorful trees at Christmas Place – the Gumdrop Tree!  Candy colors and whimsical elves on a heavily flocked tree cook up a delicious Christmas theme that will tickle the fancy – and the taste buds – of all your holiday hordes.  You may have to post some “No Snacking” signs around this one.  Find all the elements of inspiration for this theme when you click here.

Gumdrop Christmas Tree

 What is this naughty elf digging for in the tree?  A bigger cupcake than the one right by his hand??

He’s found the best lollipop – it will take him all of December to finish this one!  Notice that the tree itself is actually secured to and standing on top of a small white wrought iron table, matching this accessory chair – leaving plenty of room for piling presents all around.

Candy ropes and ribbon candies, grosgrain and satin ribbon, iced cookies, cup cakes, ice cream cones, snowflakes, butterflies, silk flowers and snow-flocked branches, hard candy garland and giant sugar-coated gumdrops – this jaunty elf is at home in the midst of it all.  (Santa clearly offers a really good dental plan.)

Look at this sweet little house perched high in the branches of the tree.

Is this the Gumdrop King?!


 Found it!  Found the best one of all!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Details are starting to come in for our artist signings for the fall.  Watch the calendar for updates on who is coming this year.

Cowboy Christmas

Greetings, Y’all!  There’s so much to show and tell about Christmas Place this season that I’m having a really difficult time deciding where to start.  But pick a point I must, so I’m starting with our Cowboy Christmas tree.  You will find our western-themed ornaments at this link.  As for our tree, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.  (Be sure to click on your favorite pictures to show the full image.)

Start by building a fire at the base of your tree – with flickering lights, please, not matches!  No tree skirt needed for this tree.

Pile on the chili pepper lights (we hang them in bunches, rather than stringing them out), rustic ribbon, wild berries and more.  Finish with a lasso at the top.

Our lasso extends along the wall to support additional greenery and highlight these beautiful, rustic crosses.

An assortment of cowboy-themed ornaments and accents fill out this charming tree! We even added a few “campfires” in the tree.

 You’ll probably want to include a cowboy nutcracker in your tree, too – someone’s got to ride herd on all those terrific decorations!

Notice that we used a slim-line, long-needle pine for our western tree (it’s temporarily out of stock, but we are expecting more to arrive shortly) – it doesn’t take up much room, but will accommodate loads of decorations.

What’s your favorite Christmas decorating theme?  I’ll be sure to feature all your requests.

~ Janet @ The Christmas Place