It’s starts so innocently .. you see a cute & colorful garden flag, with maybe a picture of Easter eggs, or a chick, or an Easter bunny, and you think, “I need that for my porch!”

So you buy one or two and you hang them up and you enjoy the bright colors as they move gently with the breeze.  Life is good.  The sun is shining.  Forsythia is blooming by the front door.

Then suddenly one morning, you open the front door, and .. they’re everywhere! 

Bunnies to the left, bunnies to the right, bunnies behind and bunnies in front of you!  Big bunnies.  Small bunnies.  And they coordinate so well with your pansies.

What are you going to do?  There are too many to count – and they are too cute to shoo away!  And the next thing you know .. they’ve crossed the street to the neighbor’s place.

But, you know, that whole TOO CUTE thing.  So there they stay.  We can’t say when or where the infestation will end .. but why would we want it to??

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S.  I know you are loving our new breakfast and all, but pleasepleaseplease DO NOT feed the bunnies on your way out.  Please.