More S(pring) Stuff

Spring also means new fabrics and styles from Vera Bradley, your favorite bag collection.  They always come up with the niftiest ideas – check out their new laptop bag for frequent flyers – this is in Ellie Blue, a nod to their classic elephant pattern of past years.

Here’s another example of this pattern, in a simple tote bag.










Rosie Posies shades of red, in Eloise and a couple of accessory pieces.

My personal favorite and a very classy pattern, Camellia, in the new Abby bag.

And a bright and colorful choice appropriately called “Island Blooms,” in the newest Bowler bag.

We have a great selection of all the current fabrics and bag styles, so come visit The Boutique and check them out!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

The S(pring) Word!

It’s on the way!  I know you may be thinking winter has just begun, but keep hope in your heart!  We’ve just added two spring displays in the store, and it has perked us up quite a bit.  Enjoy this early breeze…..

It’s the invasion of the bunnies!  Department 56 released an adorable collection of bunnies this year, similar to those cute Snowpinions snowmen.  We have Dottie bunnies in small, medium, & large, each sporting a pink-and-brown polka dot grosgrain collar or skirt.  Notice that Dottie has either blue or brown eyes – we have some of both.  Large Dottie is the perfect size to be the centerpiece for your holiday decorations.

There’s also a darling little Dottie bunny basket, perfect for filling with petite chocolate eggs & Easter treats!

In the middle of the picture above you can see the small Dotties wrapped up in plastic like the delicious little goodies they are!

Of course, there’s also a collection of limited-edition Snowbunnies collectibles for the season, like this pink-cheeked charmer, “Sheepish.”

Who could say “no” to that face??  Check out the Double Bunny Hop, too – love those rainbow colors.

Did you also notice the colorful silk flowers, Easter baskets, and decorations we have available for a limited time?  These are in-store purchase only right now, but you can place an order with our customer service team at 1-800-445-3396, extension 2.

These peonies went home with me shortly after this picture was taken!

Also, take a look at these hanging flower vases in the tree – two sizes, and they could hang just about anywhere, thanks to their long attaching loops.  We’ve filled them with silks, of course, but the sturdy glass sleeve inside holds water for live blooms.  I found the small vase in our on-line store, so click on the photo – it’s on sale for only $2.97.

So join us in thinking SPRING already!  The sun has come out after a few rainy days, and we’re planning a fabulous weekend, whatever the temperature may be.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Up next – spring colors from Vera Bradley, too!

Happy 101st!

We get to celebrate some pretty special times at The Inn with our guests – and last weekend it was the 101st birthday of Ms. Bill from North Carolina.  She was here last year for her hundredth, and we expect she’ll be back next year, too.

We didn’t get a picture of her, but here’s a celebratory candle in her honor.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Bill!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

Santa’s On T.V.!

Coming Monday, January 9th, 7 PM, to your very own living room (or possibly your mobile viewing device of choice)!  Find the RFD Network (Charter Cable chanel 147, Dish Network channel 231) and the Shotgun Red Variety Show from Nashville, Tennessee.  Enjoy The Singing Santa’s guest appearance on the show.

Several months ago, Santa spent a day in Nashville, taping his segment for the show, and we’ve been waiting anxiously for the air date.  Christmas Place is happy to bring The Singing Santa to all our guests in the store and at the hotel, and now to your television!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place