Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

We had the opportunity priviledge thrill of hosting Ugly Christmas Sweater Night for the Knoxville Ice Bears last week – and I can prove it!  Prepare to be .. underwhelmed?  Is underwhelmed a word??

Brilliant move – turn an ugly garden sweater into a Christmas prize with the right turtleneck and a jaunty Christmas tree hat.

This gold-and-green wonder was actually the prize winner of the night!

As you’ll see, more than a few men were willing to appear in a wife’s-mother’s-mother-in-law’s ugly sweater.  Points for the poinsettia embellishment!

Poor girl, confused ugly sweater night with crazy pants night!  That’s not til February, dear.

A sweater pattern composed of various doors, including an elevator door?  GENIUS!  I’m not sure what makes this ugly.  (Kidding!  I’m kidding!)

I hope Grandma doesn’t catch me in this!

Chess Club or Cheerleaders?  You decide.

A two-part entry: notice the dove on her shoulder.

And notice the dove poop on her back.  Bold move.

Own it, baby!

I’m not sure this is a first for these guys .. just sayin’.

 Snaps for coordinating the mock turtleneck with Mom’s 3/4 sleeve sweater!

 Mad glue-gun skills with the red garland – so evenly placed!


Extremely Honorable Mention: This playa’ added photos of the Ice Bears team to her adornments!  How was she not the winner?! 



We’re going bowling after ice hockey!


Yes, there are still more to come….how about this hand-painted creation:

She even brought the gingerbread man!

Just off the plane from Aspen.

Dontcha think they should have swapped sweaters?

My personal favorite – look at that arts-and-crafts touch with the braided necktie.  A truly original touch!

So, no judgement, but that’s a whole lotta ugly!  Everyone had a lot of fun – and I’m sure I didn’t even get pictures of all the contestants.  I heard there was also a hockey match that night .. and the Ice Bears won!  Congrats to the team!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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