Letters to Santa

Just a few to finish off the season!

Dear Santa,
We would like to have Jaelin, Parker and Lexi be on the “GOOD” list.  If you do visit us, can you please bring us the following items.
For Jaelin, “(a series of unintelligible hash marks, with maybe a Z, D, J, and W)”
For Parker – “I am thinking.”
For Lexi: – “Beanie Boos, Monster High, pengeuin iglube (sic).”

Dear Santa,
Our names are James, David, Allen, & Kaleb (names changed).  We are brothers in foster care & we are so excited to have a visit from Santa for the first time!  I hope to see your reindeer and feed them carrots!  My mom says you will know where we live now and won’t forget us.  You can bring us anything you want to!  We just love toys because we never had any new ones!

Dear Santa:
I want a batman with a big house.  Everything you have.
I love you,

Dear Santa,
I’d love some locks and keys for Christmas.  I love you!

Dear Santa,
How are you.  I have been sick.  I just go from one thing to another different (thing).  People have been praying for me.  Do you think you can find me where I live?  I live near Bardstown, the next little town over.
By by,

Santa has mailed and e-mailed (hey, he’s a 21st century dude!) all his letters back to the kids – all those that will arrive in time for Christmas – thanking them for their thoughts and good wishes and love.  As always, Santa reminds us to remember the reason for the season, and to keep saying “Ho Ho Ho!”

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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