Letters to Santa – the week before Christmas!

The week-before-Christmas edition, selected letters.

A little blackmail:

“Dear Santa,
I will be good if I can get a singing doll and a doll house.  I will do what Mom says.
Love, Megan”

Try reaching out to The Mrs.:

“To: Santa,
I would like a iPad that they have at Big Lots.  I love you.
PS. Tell Mrs. Claus I said I love her too.
Love you, Maggie”

Leave nothing to the possibility of mistaken selection:

And a few that we wish we had the power to fulfill!

“Dear Santa,
Wheelchair, glasses, washing machine.

“Dear Santa,
Bring my dad home safe from Kansas so I can have a good Christmas.  Thanks, Santa!
Love, Taylor”

“Dear Santa,
I have been really good this year.  This is my first Christmas.  I spent the first 102 days in the hospital.  I arrived 8 weeks early.  This year I would like Einstein movies & a big wagon & lots of love to continue to get healthy.
Thank you, Santa.
Love, Garrett (8 months old)”

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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