Have you seen the Angel?

We’ve been blessed by visits from an angel this season, and I’d like to share some of her experiences with you, in her own words.

“October 24, 2011

-My first day as an angel…..Kristy, another employee and I are talking when I ‘feel’ someone staring at me. I turn and a lone woman sitting on a bench inside the store is watching me intently. I am drawn to her. “Excuse me,” I say to my companions and walk in her direction. 

Introducing myself, I ask if she’s been ‘touched by an angel recently.’ She takes my hand, almost gratefully, but seems to be having trouble speaking and has tears in her eyes. Another woman, her sister, appears and tells me that they have both just recently lost another beloved sister. They tell me that Christmas Place was the departed sister’s all-time favorite store to visit and that this third sister collected angels. They said that seeing me there was almost a sign, for them, that everything was all right….

I have a  Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and some experience in grief counseling but more importantly, I have the Holy Spirit.  I spoke quietly with the two women, who left smiling. I hope I helped….

 -One of my favorite things to do is talk to children. The littlest ones who might be somewhat afraid of Santa don’t seem to be afraid of me and many will eagerly approach me as they might a Disney princess. Some will break free of their parents to run and hug me. Some will stop dead in their tracks as they spot me. One little boy continued walking behind the adults but his eyes were glued to me. As the adults stopped, he failed to notice and ran into them. I suppressed a giggle and waved to him from my position on the landing.

Sometimes I’ll offer folks a fluffy, white feather and I’m often asked to pose for a picture with a child or children. At times, I’ll get down to their level and ask, wide-eyed, if they’re angels too. Some will absolutely assure me that they are indeed. Often a nearby parent will beg to differ.

I also enjoy the teens. The teen-age years are such a roller-coaster, often involving way more questions than answers. So many adopt a jaded and world-weary attitude at such a young age that I worry about them. But I have been able to ‘engage’ most, through humor, direct eye contact and of course, the miracle of Christmas itself. Christmas Place celebrates the joy of the season all year long and that spirit seems to permeate and penetrate even the most hardened souls.”

Have you seen our angel?  I don’t have a picture of her .. but I have more stories to tell.  Stay tuned!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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