Letters to Santa

“Dear Santa,

I am a p.e. teacher in Florida.  My students have no money and live in tiny, overcrowded trailers.  They are all sweet angels.  I was hoping you could bring a little something for each of my students so that they can experience the wonderful feeling of excitement of Christmas morning.  My students are always nice and polite and full of compassion and love.
Good luck with all your Christmas prep work!

Love, Kiki”

“Dear Santa,

What can I give you this year.
You have blessed me and never once was I ever not a happy child.  You must be next to Heaven as special as you are to every child, young to old.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  So my wish is to tell my Mom & Dad – I love you, miss you, & send us snow again Xmas day in our town for all my family.
I love you,


P.S. Tell God Thanks for Tony’s blessing.”

“Dear Santa,

We had a lovely stay in Pigeon Forge for my 65th birthday!  I still believe in Santa and want our troops to come home safely – God Bless America – and for the economy to turn around for all.
Have a safe trip Christmas Eve and make all the children happy.  You are loved very much by all.


“Dear Santa,

I want a new Corvette.  You can bring my wife a nice sweater.

Grandpa Fogt”

We love every one of our letters to Santa – not just from the kids, but from the kids-at-heart, too!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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