Christmas trees! More Christmas trees! (part C)

.. did you run out for a cup of hot chocolate or cider?  Because more trees -coming at you now ..

A white ballerina tree, glittering with white crystal-like leaf sprays and sparkling ribbons.  (I think guests may be harvesting ornaments from this tree already!)

Right next to it, our ‘tween tree, a lavender dream filled with Hello Kitty lights, texting cell phones, Converse All Stars, high heels & Uggs.

Y’all, I am just mad for these pink and blue flowers!

Are you more of a traditionalist?  Here’s a spectacular red-and-green composition.

What the..?  Alright, who’s the smarty pants who thinks they should be rewarded with a big slice of cake after all that tree-decorating inspiration??  Calling The Partridge & Pear for take-out, are you?!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. That cake number is 865-868-0575 ..

P.S.S. Sorry about the “y’all” – I was just over in The Boutique and they have a cute new collection of Southern Sass T-shirts!

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