Our Paris Wreath

Let me show you one special wreath .. Prissy, one of our floral design team, created this custom wreath for a special benefit auction.  The theme of the event is “An Evening in Paris.” 

My own sister happened to be in Paris just before we had to present this wreath, so she brought back a small Eiffel Tower for Prissy to incorporate into her design.  Prissy did a fabulous job of showcasing the figurine on a red glass ornament in the center of the wreath, along with highlighting the fleur-de-lis form and using that wonderful black velvet and gold sequins harlequin-patterned ribbon.  Someone is going to have a gorgeous Christmas decoration in their home or office this year!

This is just one example of the creativity and beauty our design team displays with each arrangement they make – and they love custom work!  If you need something unique that will really be the highlight of your holidays, come by the store and let our floral team design a wreath, swag, centerpiece, or candle arrangement for you.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. On Saturdays at 1:00 pm, they are hosting demonstrations of how to design your own mesh box arrangement – good stuff to know!

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