Letters to Santa

“Dear Santa,

My name is Nicholas, and I am 6-1/2 months old.  My Mimi is writing this letter to you.  In 2009, my daddy proposed to my mommy at The Inn at Christmas Place.  My daddy was the first one to ever propose to someone at this hotel.  My mommy was so surprised, and she cried and cried because you, Santa, helped surprise my mommy.  I entered this world in April, 2011.  As soon as daddy can save some money he is bringing me to see you.  Santa, my parents love you and Christmas.  That is why I am named Nicholas Richard – Nicholas for you and Richard for my grandpa.  He loves me a lot, Santa.  I won’t see you this Christmas season, but I hope to one day – maybe next year.  Last November, my daddy took my mom back to The Inn at Christmas Place for their one-year celebration of their anniversary.  Thank you for being a part of my mommy and daddy’s getting together.  They are happy, and so am I.  My Mimi has always loved Christmas, and she lives the spirit of Christmas all year long.  She and her friend Shirley come to The Inn all the time.  St. Nicholas, thank you for making so many children happy.

Love, Nicholas
in South Carolina”

We don’t have a picture of the real Nicholas, but surely he looks a lot like the happy fellow above.  We’re so glad Mimi took the time to share his charming Christmas story with us by writing a letter to Santa and leaving it at The Inn!  What a wonderful reminder that Christmas can speak to the child’s heart in each of us.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. 53 days to go!

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