Pictures! Tree Pictures!

We built a tree in the store this year – two stories tall! – and wrapped it in hundreds? thousands? of brilliant white LED lights.  It’s breathtaking!

It’s only inhabitant so far is this snowy owl.

{Early Alert – start counting the lights now!}

At the bottom of the stairs, a glistening silver & white tree highlited with snowmen, nutcrackers, and winter maidens.

Designer’s tip:  notice that they mixed silver & gold on this tree, along with red poinsettias and black dogwoods.  They also used a few ornament spinners on the tree, and the frosted ornaments really twinkle as they rotate, adding extra life and sparkle to the decorations.

That’s all for today.  Study these over the weekend, there will be a test on Monday!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

P.S. Don’t forget our artist signings this weekend with R.J. McDonald, Ne’Qwa Inside Art ornaments, and Ginny McCormack, cookbook author!

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