Trees and more trees!

Each year our decor team decorates over 60 trees throughout the store.  I offer here another sampling of a few more that have been completed for 2011.  Enjoy the sights!

Highland Park Tree

This tree is highlighted with green glittered thistles and artichokes – another in a long line of surprising and beautiful choices for a Christmas tree.

Red Elegant Tree

Along with the beautiful red and gold decorations on this tree, I’m drawn to the striking gold deer in front – would love to have a mantle or hall table worthy of being graced by one of these creatures.

Woodland Tree

Filled with animal ornaments made from natural elements, this tree is always a favorite for me.  Notice the three platforms with snow-covered cabins that have been worked into the tree this year – such a clever touch.

(By the way, don’t yell at me if I haven’t gotten every tree name just right – I haven’t yet received the formal name list.)

Case in point, this is our kitchen tree, or maybe the gingerbread tree ~ but I think of it as the Limeade Tree!  If you look closely, under the heavy white flocking, the branches of this tree are lime green – it looks luscious enough to lick, but there’s probably a tag attached warning me not too.  It’s a colorful and refreshing backdrop for the peppermint all-day suckers and other kitchen helpers making themselves at home in its branches.

I’m sure that the Floral team used new ribbon on this tree, but what a great idea for using ribbon scraps from past years!  I think this would be perfect ~ in a smaller size, perhaps ~ as a casual tree in a breakfast nook, craft room (we all have craft rooms, don’t we?), bedroom, game room ~ lots of options.  After all the packages have been unwrapped on Christmas morning (or Eve), what fun to immediately tie some new bows to add to such a tree!

Bow Tree

And changing gears just a bit, we have a stunning new collection of tin angels on the floor this year.  They come in several different sizes, and are so eye-catching – I would love to see photos of how you use them in your Christmas decor this year.

They are so elegant and whimsical at the same time ~and you know I love whimsical!  Along with the angels we’re showing this amazing silver deer.

That’s it for today.  And I only used the word “glitter” once!  Aren’t you proud of me?

Be sure to check out our fall events calendar for the store – we’ll be showcasing several new artists and a cookbook author for signings from  September into December.  (I’m sorry if the items aren’t in perfect date order – we have elves working on that right now!).

~Janet @ Christmas Place

P.S. Would someone please tell me whether to put the description above or below the image?? I can never figure out which is best, and I see that I changed directions in the middle of this post!  I hope you can follow along….

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