Pretty Stuff! (Part II)

As promised, here are the rest of my pictures .. for now!

In our nativity area, we’ve updated the large tree in front of the stained glass window with a collection of lush purple, burgundy, green and gold decorations, along with all the other colors of the rainbow.  Here are close-ups of some of the highlights.


In the next shot, I wanted to highlight for you another peacock feather we have – this delicate gold one is just amazing!  Also notice the perky little green bird with the extravagant tail feathers – a real charmer.  (So, his tail is mostly hidden ~ oops!)  The camera’s flash makes the peacock feather appear a little bolder than it is in natural light – it’s a very subtle, light gold shade with a pretty aqua, brown and tan eye.


Now, take a look at this stunning tree – decorated by our floral team.  This one literally touches the ceiling.  Again, the camera’s flash is making those green blooms jump out a lot more than they do in reality – they are tart, but not blindingly so!  Notice the giant gold butterflies positioned on the tree and above it – without the lead of a designer, would you think to put something so large on your tree?  Yet they work beautifully.



Velvet Magnolia Wreath

The petals of this magnolia are velvet, and there is also a mesh petal layer woven into the bloom.  This is a very champagne-colored wreath, and a striking way to incorporate metallic leaf sprays into an arrangement.

Also in the floral department is this tree featuring a 3′ tall golden herald angel.


I also love that orange-and-gold-colored glass ball just to the side of the angel.  I love how you can work orange, burgundy and red into the same scheme – just like nature does in the fall, of course!  Here’s a close up of some of the other items on this tree – including a hanging votive candle holder, which would be perfect with a battery-powered votive candle or tea light.

 Wow, that’s a lot of serious decorating!  Next time, I’ll take you through some of the more whimsical decorations we have to offer – think Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz, and Cinderella.

~Janet @ The Christmas Place


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