Pretty Stuff! (Part I)

We’ve been so busy around here that I’ve hardly had time to take pictures and explore the new Christmas decorations & ornaments filling the store right now.  Yesterday I took the time to make a tour, and here are some of the things I’ve found inspiring, including our new crystal entrance, the tree in the nativity area, a couple of beautiful under-the-sea wreaths, and a few other highlights.

Are you shivering yet??

We’re showcasing a new style of LED light strand called “Angel Tear” lights.  These lights resemble tear drops or water drops on a strand, and are attached in a branch-like form that is shape-able – you can bend the strand and it will mold to the shape that you want without having to be secured.  They are so beautiful, lightweight and functional, you’ll find many different ways to incoporate them into your decor – maybe even year-round.

Angel Tear LED Lights













On the left, you can see how we’ve tightly entwined a strand with silver branches.  On the right, you can see the strand draped more loosely with the same silver branch.  I love it both ways!

We also have in the store a pre-lit, 3′ tree that is entirely white and fuzzy ~ and our decorators suspended four of them from the ceiling and iced them with sparkling birds and ornaments – what an interesting and beautiful result!

Check out this colorful, glittering wreath – a handsome turquoise reindeer and sparkling “Merry Christmas” sign, enhanced by iced pine branches and silvered leaves – breathtaking!

Just around the corner from what I’m calling our “crystal entrance” is the new undersea area, and though the tree hasn’t been decorated yet, here are a couple of wonderful & whimsical wreaths already on display.

I particularly like the seafoam effect from the white guaze used in this wreath.  These are each one-of-a-kind creations, so we don’t have the opportunity to feature them on our shopping site, but phone orders and shipping are available.  Just call Guest Services at 1-800-445-3396, press 2, and they’ll take care of you.

Tucked into a corner I found a small yet brilliant peacock tree – so very colorful!

Here are a few closeups of two of the peacocks on this silver, slim-line tree.

Okay, I’m kind of afraid to put more photos into one post, so I’ll do a Part II for the rest of my finds!

Have you started planning for Christmas 2011?  Tell us how it’s going – and remember to check out our Themes area on the shopping site – get some help from our designers, whose selections will show you how to creatively build a theme or a color plan for your most fun holidays yet!

~Janet @ The Christmas Place

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